12 Tips to Simplify Kitchen Life

For most of us each day is packed and life can feel pretty cluttered. How do we sort through all the “stuff” and find the meaning that we long for? How can we simplify and enhance our lives? Let us suggest starting with these tips for simplifying life in your kitchen.

1. Take all of the recipes that you have collected from newspapers and magazines over the years and place them in a ring binder with plastic coated pages.

2. Go through your pantry and refrigerator and put all the food you never use but have somehow acquired in a large bag. Give it to a food pantry.

3. Get rid of duplicate gadgets. You don’t need three vegetable peelers and four soufflť dishes.

4. Keep a good, large pair of scissors in the kitchen.

5. It’s easier to handle hot cupcake/muffin tins if you leave one of the corners empty.

6. When you finish a box of tissues, put the empty box on a kitchen counter and stuff it with plastic grocery bags. Once you have a full box of bags, keep it in the trunk of your car.

7. Think about your cooking style and equip your kitchen accordingly.

8. Create a kitchen bulletin board to tack up “must-have” items, such as permission slips, notes to answer, and so on.

9. Put your dish drainer and sponges into the dishwasher to get them really clean.

10. Your fridge and freezer are most efficient if you keep them two-thirds full, if the freezer is 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and if the refrigerator is 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

11. If you want to make dried herbs taste fresh, chop up an equal amount of parsley and add it to the herbs. The moisture and chlorophyll work like magic.

12. Treat yourself to really good coffee.

Adapted from Keeping Life Simple: 380 Tips and Ideas by Karen Levine (Storey Publishing, 2004).


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