12 Urban Gardening Resources for All Kinds of Spaces

Do you live in a city but want to grow your own food? We’ve rounded up urban gardening tips and ideas to help you make the most of your space!

Growing a garden in an urban setting presents some unique challenges. You’re probably dealing with limited space. Maybe you’ve got contaminated soil to deal with. You might even have zero yard to work with. Don’t worry! There are urban gardening tips and ideas below to work around all of these problems and do it beautifully!

vegetable container garden

Urban Gardening in Small Spaces (or no space!)

The space issue is probably the biggest problem when you’re trying to grow food within city limits. Whether you have a small yard, a balcony, or no outdoor space at all, we’ve got some ideas here for you! Check it.

1. Big Vegetables in Small Spaces

2.Balcony Garden: Epic Places in Small Spaces

3. How to Start a Vertical Garden

4. Start a Community Garden Plot

5. 4 Vertical Garden Ideas

6. Grow Your Dream Garden in a Window

7. Growing Your Own Microgreens

herb spiral

Dealing with Soil Contamination: Container Gardening!

In urban areas, there’s often a lot of bad stuff going on in the soil. If you’re worried that your soil may contain heavy metals or other contaminants, getting your food plants growing out of the ground is key. Whether you have a whole back yard to build garden beds or just enough room for some pots. we have lots of container ideas to help you avoid that contaminated soil and grow healthy food.

8. 18 Beautiful Container Garden Ideas (+ how to keep plants alive!)

9. Build an Herb Spiral

10. How to Build a Basic Raised Bed

11. A Container Gardening Primer

12. My Tiny Container garden

I’d love to hear from the other urban gardeners out there! What challenges do you face? How does your garden grow? Let’s keep the urban gardening goodness going in the comments!

Image Credits (in order of appearance): Becky Striepe, Andy L., Becky Striepe


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