15 Surprising Uses for Safety Pins


Sick of losing socks? Afraid you’re going to mess up that birthday cake? Want to keep pickpockets at bay? The humble safety pin is the answer to your troubles! Click through for some fantastic ways to use safety pins that go beyond the basics. Have a great use of your own? Share it in the comments.

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Great Ways to Use Safety Pins.

1. Keep Your Bag Safe From Thieves. Safety pin your zippers onto the fabric on bags and backpacks — it’s just one more hassle for pickpockets to go through to get to your belongings. Trust me, every extra second is important!

2. Keep Your File Cabinet Nice and Tidy. Is there one huge, bulging hanging file in your file cabinet? Save space with a safety pin. See the photo here for a clearer explanation.

3. Keep Pairs of Socks and Gloves Together. Genius, isn’t it? Never lose another sock again!

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4. Keep Those Curtains Shut. Sick of that tiny space between your curtains? Keep them shut with your trusty pal, the safety pin, and keep living like a vampire!

5. Clean Your Garlic Press. I have a wonderful garlic press that’s sadly lost its comb. Luckily, all is not lost — a safety pin works just as well (if not better!) for getting out all the gunk.

6. Clean Your Salt Shaker. Stop all that salt buildup in the shaker by cleaning it with a safety pin.

7. Keep Those Covers on the Couch. If your armchair covers just don’t like to stay in their place, fasten them down with a safety pin.

8. Decorate a Cake. Don’t just eyeball those words and other designs on a cake! Use a safety pin to plan out your design — the icing will cover the safety pin lines completely.

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9. Fix a Drawstring. One of the most frustrating problems ever, solved! Click here for detailed instructions on how to re-string a drawstring.

10. Use in Place of a Clothes Pin. Run out of clothespins? Safety pins will work in a pinch.

11. Make a Key Chain. For a quirky key chain, place your keys on a large safety pin.

12. Stop Static Cling. Sick of your skirt sticking to your tights? Fasten a small safety pin to the skirt lining or your slip. The metal in the safety pin will conduct electricity and divert the static!

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