15 Unique Handmade Sunglasses

Looking for a new pair of shades but bored by the finds at Sunglass Hut? If you’re brave enough to try a bold and new style, we’ve rounded up fifteen of our favorite unique and handmade finds from Etsy. This list can also serve as inspiration for the crafty among us, as many of the styles are easily replicated by upcycling a cheapo pair of shades. Protect those eyes in style!


Prefer a bit of bling on your accessories? Stand out in these 100 percent UV protection crystal encrusted shades! (ShopKP, $38)

For the video game nerd in all of us – hand painted Super Mario Brothers shades. (Ketchupize, $49)

These upcycled shades feature adorable pink roses along the tops of each corner. (Alal Nina Design, $19)

These handpainted sunnies feature a splatter paint technique that has us dreaming about the 80s! (Stoopid Shades, $20)

The story on these gorgeous 50s inspired shades: “Many brands today are replicating classics of the past. For us it wasn’t just a matter of making retro styled shades; at Nostalgy we completely reproduced the the old way of making eyewear, using in some case old stock materials, as per our plaques and hinges, and handcrafting our frames from the very first to the finishing process.” ($159)

Show your artsy side with these frames inspired by Piet Mondrian’s famous compositions! (K Rae Shades, $25)

Feeling flashy? The front of these frames are covered in multi-colored glitter with a thick clear coat over it. (Candy Coated Love, $15)

These sunglasses are only for the bravest of the brave! One-of-a-kind, unique wearable sunglasses with frame fabricated entirely of LEGO bricks! Lenses are second-hand from a broken pair of conventional sunglasses but are in like-new condition. (Elevator, $120)

Classic handcrafted vintage Matte wood wayfarer sunglasses made from high-quality materials and real bamboo to offer a comfortable and environmentally-friendly fit. Available in many colors. (Gro Collection, $30)

These sunglasses have a simple Southwest design using vibrant colorful #11 Delica seed bead. Rest assured the beads have been attached by hand using a special adhesive and will not loosen with regular wear. (Tombstone Beads, $60)

These gorgeous and unique sunglasses have outstanding craftsmanship – they are hand carved from bone! (Antipod Art, $295)

Face off against the sun with a pair of wooden sunglasses, which come in a variety of styles and colors and are all the rage this year! If you don’t like these, simply search on Etsy for wooden sunglasses and see the endless options appear in front of you. (Bosky Woodwear, $50)

Really, uh, protect those eyeballs! Black wayfarer style sunglasses with gold spikes on corners and gunmetal spikes around the frame. (Bivens Cake, $26)

Beautiful black sunglasses decorated with roses, handmade and one of a kind. We also love the uniquely dark pink/purple tint glass. (Galaxy of the Lost, $35)

Super cute heart shaped sunglasses featuring a classic pearl border on the frames. Available in six colors. (Flower Sour Diesel, $21)


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