16 DIY Container Garden Ideas

Need some spring garden inspiration? Check out these 16 DIY container garden ideas to get you started.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that spring is finally here! Winter is not my favorite season, and I’m looking forward to warmer weather and helping my husband get our spring garden growing! We have a decent-sized backyard with a couple of raised beds, but even with that much space I like to mix in containers. Our soil quality is not the best, and container gardening is a great solution for poor soil. You just skip the whole thing.

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Container gardening is also a great option for folks who have limited space. Whether you’ve got just a small porch or patio or even a wall or kitchen window, you can use some of the container garden ideas below to grow food and flowers!

16 DIY Container Garden Ideas

A little tape and chalkboard paint turns a boring pot into one you can write on!

16 DIY Container Garden Ideas

1. Hanging Container Garden – If you’re handy with a drill, this is a pretty simple vertical planter that you can build to grow lots of small plants in limited space.

2. Recycled Canister Planters – Add drainage to old metal canisters, and you have instant beautiful planters! You can use old copper ones like in the linked tutorial or any other metal canister you can get your hands on, like the coffee tin in the photo at the top of this page.

3. Make a Chalkboard Pot – Some herbs – like flat leaf parsley and cilantro – can look very similar to each other. Instead of boring old plant markers, use chalkboard paint to turn a plain pot into a chalkboard pot that you can write on.

4. Grow a Salad Bowl – Salads are such a lovely spring meal, and you can grow your own salad mix in one container right outside your back door.

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6. Build an Herb Spiral – Got a lot of bricks handy? Like, a LOT of bricks? Turn them into a beautiful spiral herb garden!

7. Upside-Down Tomato Planter – An upcycled version of the as seen on TV planter! Use an old bucket to grow upside-down tomatoes.

Magical Fairy Garden

Chia seeds are the secret to this quick-growing container garden.

8. Grow a Magical Fairy Garden – This little container garden is a fun way to get your kids excited about gardening, and it grows in less than a week.

9. 5 Gallon Bucket Gardening – There are so many cool ways to grow food in a 5 gallon bucket. Who knew?

10. Go Vertical – There are also all sorts of fun ways to start a vertical garden, once you know the basics!

11. Use an Old Dresser – Got a chest of drawers that’s on its last legs? Drill some drainage holes in the bottoms of the drawers and turn it into a very cute planter.

12. Shoe Organizer Garden – Hit the thrift store for one of those over-the-door shoe hangers and use it to plant lots of herbs in a small space.

13. Wine Box Garden – Save a wine box from the next party you host or ask your neighborhood’s bar or liquor store to save some for you. They make great garden containers!

14. Self-Watering Herb Planters – Turn old plastic bottles into herb planters that keep themselves alive. Perfect for gardeners like me that tend to kill plants.

15. String Garden – This is a Japanese technique called kokedama uses moss and string to create striking hanging planters.

16. Build a Window Farm – Window farming is a great way to grow lots of food in a small, indoor space. All that you need are a sunny window, some basic supplies, and a little bit of time to construct.

photos (in order of appearance) by Martin Poole, Becky Striepe, and Julie Finn


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I am going to make a vertical garden with some pvc pipes and spray paint them some nice colours and hang it from the side of my front porch, it will be good in two ways I'll have my garden and it will serve as a bit of privacy on my porch as well.

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