19 Handmade Clutches for Fall

The fashion blogs have spoken, and the one trend they’re all obsessing over for Fall is the oversize clutch. And while I originally could not get down with its popularity (how the heck would a tiny bag hold all of my important items?), I am learning to love them… even the part where I’ve had to adjust to not being able to throw my bag over my shoulder. At least my posture is thankful!

Whether you prefer neutral tones or splashy patterns, there are plenty of options to wet your proverbial whistle. Clutches also make a perfect beginner sewer project, as they don’t require much fabric or complicated lines. First, check out our gallery of awesome clutches for inspirationóand then read on here for patterns that will take you step-by-step through making your own. (And don’t worry if you cave in and purchase one instead – we don’t judge!)

This patchwork clutch from Blackbird and the Owl is made with handmade suede and leather.

Made from upcycled leather, this red clutch from Nzfinch is adorned with a vintage doily.


If you’re into the stud trend but not wanting to go overboard, you might enjoy this red and black leather clutch from Som and Tobby.

A personal favorite of this writer, this leather clutch features pink tulle with pink sequins on the body. From Gift Shop Brooklyn, it was featured in Mollie Makes magazine.


If you’re into the gaudy (and we mean that in a good way!), you might get a kick out of this vintage button-adorned clutch by Mienkentosh Fairie.

If vintage rules your heart way more than handmade, you’re in luck! There are literally hundreds of awesome finds on eBay and Etsy – not to mention at your local Goodwill! We know the one pictured here (from Baer Baer) isn’t technically “oversize,” but we still think it’s pretty in style.


If you’re looking for a clutch for your special day, might we suggest this amazing feather and rhinestone bridal clutch from the good people at Mia Von Winks Wedding?

Even if the words “white denim” don’t give you fever dreams, you must have at least a slight hankering for the eighties. In which case – let us introduce you to this amazing graffiti-ed clutch from Dawn Chan Style.


Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, young grasshopper! This really is an amazing handmade clutch assembled entirely from LEGOs, from hip shop Agabag. Count us in!

You know how we mentioned the studs trend before? Well… if you’re really into the trend, go whole hog with this rockstar clutch from Vanilla Co.


Get romantic with this upcycled book clutch featuring Sense and Sensibility. Not into Jane Austen? Dressed By Manuela has tons of book options to choose from.

We hope you won’t blame us for never wanting the leopard trend to go away. If you’re in agreement, stand in solidarity with this simple and chic clutch from Gamine Jean.


The “envelope clutch” is all the rage this year, but it wouldn’t mean as much to us if didn’t include gold glitter! Grab this one from Belle de Benoir – a steal at $20.

Keep things super simple and classy with this color blocked, Italian leather clutch from Proper Wild.


If the idea of tie-dye doesn’t have you running for the hills, you might enjoy this super fall-inspired leather and vintage fabric clutch from Eugenia Woods. Best part? It’s reversible!

If all this leather talk is making you a little sick to your stomach, know that we’d never forget about the vegans! This linen clutch from Cheri Demeter has all the allure and none of the cruelty.


This gold sequined clutch is inspired from a popular item sold at Zara, and makes for an awesome bridesmaid gift! Grab your own from I Made it By Mars.

This canvas splatter paint bag from Poppy and Lime gives you an interesting pop, while still managing to match everything in your closet.


Last but not least is this square knot clutch pattern from Shop Missmake. Her affordable PDF is easy to follow and will have you on your way to owning one of the most trendy clutches of all.



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