19 Unexpected Uses for Your Freezer

The ubiquity of the freezer as we know it has a surprisingly short history ó only since the post-war era of the 1950s have most households owned a freezer. But, boy, is it hard to imagine life without one now! Ice cream and cold drinks at the drop of a hat! The life of perishable foods measured not in days or weeks but months or years! Indeed, thereís a lot to love about freezers.

Thereís more you can do with your freezer than making ice and storing TV dinners, though. From craft projects to laundry, read on for some surprising ways you can get the most out of your freezer.



Make Your Tights and Hose Last Longer

Thereís nothing worse than getting a rip in your stockings ó but tossing Ďem in the freezer can actually help extend their life. Get your new tights wet, squeeze out as much water as you can, stick them in a plastic bag, and freeze for about 12 hours. Let them dry and come to room temperature before your first wear.

Stretch Out Shoes

Just had to buy those perfect flats on mega-sale even though theyíre a little snug, huh? Luckily, you can stretch them out a bit. Fill a sealable plastic baggy with water, seal tightly, stick it in the shoe and put it in the freezer overnight. The baggy will probably be stuck to the shoe, so carefully remove it (use a butter knife if need be) without letting the bag break. Repeat process once more if necessary.

Remove Gum from Your Shoe

Uh oh ó stepped in gum? One easy way to remove it is to put a piece of paper over the gum and freeze the shoe for 1-2 hours. The frozen gum should come off your shoe with ease.

Freshen Shoes

Smelly shoes can be remedied by sticking Ďem in the freezer. Put the offending pair in a sealable bag,

Prevent Fuzzy-Sweater Shedding

Love that comfy-cozy fuzzy sweater, but donít love how much it sheds? Put your favorite cardigan in a sealable plastic bag and freeze it overnight. Itíll help prevent those stray fibers from ending up everywhere.

Beauty & Health


Keep that Lipstick Fresh

Lipstick does best when itís stored in cold temperatures ó so the freezer is the absolute best place for it!† Store your tubes, especially those wild colors you only wear occasionally, in the freezer so it stays nice and fresh as long as possible.

Sharpen Eyeliner Like a Pro

Before you sharpen your pencil eyeliner, stick it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. That way, when you sharpen it, the point will be as precise as possible.

Soothe Sunburns

One great way to soothe that horrible burn? Freeze aloe vera in ice cube trays! Itís the ultimate way to relieve the pain.

Store Natural Beauty Products

The preservatives and additives rife in conventional beauty products are not typically so rife in natural products. Thatís why storing them in the fridge (or, if you use them more sparingly, the freezer) will extend their lifetime.


smoothies and juicing

Salvage Practically-Burnt Food

Your last ditch effort for salvaging that nearly-burnt food? Put it in the freezer ASAP! The temperature shock will stop overcooking dead in its tracks and, hopefully, prevent it from ending up in the compost. Working quickly, transfer the almost-burnt food item to a plate, bowl or what have you that isnít hot and stick it in the freezer for a few minutes.

Make the Ultimate Iced Coffee and Tea

Freeze cubes of coffee and tea and stick Ďem in your next iced drink for maximum flavor potential.

Stock Your Kitchen

Sauces like marinara and pesto, stocks, broths, wine, buttermilk ó these perishables can be easily frozen and are great to have on hand in the kitchen. Itís best to work based around what you can’t freeze ó watery vegetables like cucumbers and celery, eggs in the shell, soft cheeses and emulsions like mayo and cream.

Make Individual Smoothie Packs

Love a morning smoothie but donít love the time it takes to measure out all of those ingredients? Do it ahead of time! Measure out the fruits and veggies you desire in individual plastic bags (you can reuse them later!) When morning comes around, toss all of those ingredients along with 1 or 2 cups of liquid and enjoy!

Other Great Uses


Salvage Your Hard Drive

Did your hard drive crash? One time-honored remedy for recovering it is to pop it in the fridge. You need to be very careful, here, however ó itís not just as simple as tossing it next to the frozen peas. Read all about what to do here.

Restore Water-Logged Books

Books damaged by water can be helped, at least a bit, by the freezer. You can read more about the process†here.

Extend the Life of Batteries

Storing unused NiMH and NiCd batteries in the freezer to drastically lengthens their lifespan; regular Ďol alkaline batteries will also last longer in the freezer, but not by nearly as much. Be sure to bring them up to room temperature before using the batteries, though!

DIY Stencil Art

Design your own awesome tops, tote bags and more with a little help from the chill!

Kill Bed Bugs

Letís hope this is one tip that youíll never have to use. Freezers can actually kill bed bugs, as long as you follow specific instructions, like making sure the freezer temperature is below a certain degree, that you leave items in long enough, and more. Read all about how to kill bed bugs in the freezer here.

Prolong the Life of Candles

Freezing candles before use can actually extend their life quite a bit ó up to double the burning time!

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