20 Relationship Rules

There are some general rules for relationship health that if you follow them your happiness level should improve tremendously.

1. Compassion, understanding, respect and empathy are essential.
Avoid: Criticism or contempt.
Also avoid:
2. Blaming or shaming.
3. Defensiveness.
4. Negativity.
5. Stonewalling or turning away.
6. Being the victim or the perp.
7. Fight fair: No yelling, name calling, sarcasm or hitting below the belt or eye gouging, rabbit punches or throwing things at or near the other person. With anger, never suppress it, never express it. Find out what is causing the anger and then.. [number 8]
8. Talk about: What you need, want, feel and whatís important to you and then make it about what each of you can do to make it better next time.
9. Be tender in all your interactions.
10. Keep your promises.
11. Develop and nurture a good sense of humor.
12. Acknowledge what your partner is saying before you say your piece.
13. Show appreciation.
14. Be responsible for yourself, your health and your messes.
15. Be considerate.
16. Own your part in a problem, even if it is 98 percent and 2 percent, own your 2 percent.
17. Make a commitment to making your relationship work. Be a part of the solution.
18. Connection is your top priority.
19. Practice loving kindness.
20. Accentuate the positive.

Following these simple ideas may take a lifetime because they are goals, not imperatives. We all need to know is where the road leads us to and, after all, isn’t all about the journey?

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David C
David C3 days ago

20 pts

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W5 years ago

Great photo! Women power!

Freddy Lukaye
Freddy Lukaye5 years ago

absolutely true in most of the points

Sarah M.
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Richard T.
Richard T5 years ago

You should as well take time for yourself away from any fighting .You may see the situation differently upon returning!

Victor M.
Victor M5 years ago

Rules doesn't work in the same way for all.

Julie F.
Julie F5 years ago

great summary, but I agree - the picture attached to this article seems a bit off!

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The picture selected to be shown with this article seems terribly inappropriate when you actually read the article!!

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Short and Sweet.

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no 19-pratice loveing'''''but a kick to the groin ,,work better than words,,,,,