20 Ways to Use Raspberries and Blackberries

It’s high summer which means it’s time for berries! If you have raspberries, blackberries or mulberries bursting on your bushes, we have a list of 20 raspberry recipes to use up your berry stash, plus 5 surprising reasons to inspire you to eat your berries every day.

All berries are good for us, but raspberries and blackberries have some of the highest amount of fiber of any berries, and they offer a lot of other health benefits, too.

5 Reasons to Eat your Raspberries and Blackberries

1. All berries are high in antioxidants, but a large study that measured antioxidant content of all foods, blackberries came out as the berry with the highest antioxidant content. Dr. Weil says that raspberries have 50% more antioxidant potential than strawberries, and they place in the top 15 of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’s best antioxidant sources.

2. Hello fiber! Blackberries and raspberries top the scales for berries at about 8 grams fiber per cup– the best of all berries! Considering most of do not get the fiber we need in our daily diet, getting it by eating more berries seems the tastiest option! Research suggests that more than 90 percent of Americans aren’t meeting their daily fiber requirement, which is 25 grams a day for women and 38 grams a day for men.

3. Packed with vitamin C, blackberries also contain ellagic acid — an important phytonutrient that protects skin cells from damaging UV rays. Ellagic acid also prevents the breakdown of collagen in the skin that occurs as we age and is linked to wrinkling.

4. Blackberries are a low-glycemic fruit, making them a better choice for diabetics.

5. Manage arthritis symptoms: blackberries and raspberries can help reduce inflammation and can ease arthritis pain.

The best part is that using raspberries or blackberries in recipes is easy and delicious, all of which will make your belly happy and your body healthy!

20 Recipes for Raspberries or Blackberries

1. Raspberry Cake

2. Raspberry Gratin

3. Chocolate Raspberry Tart


4. Ricotta Parfait with Raspberries

5. Raspberry Chocolate Cookies

6. Raspberry Smoothie

7. Raspberry Sorbet


8. Raspberry Fruit Crisp

9. Homemade Blackberry Soda Cocktail

10. Raspberry Yogurt Fool

11. No-Bake Raspberry Cheesecake

12. Raspberry Balsamic Dressing

13. Classic Raspberry Tarts

14. Raspberry Green Smoothie

15. Mixed Berry Crumble


16. Berry, Lavender and Chocolate Jam

17. Blackberry Fruit Leather

18. Apple-Blackberry Crisp

19. Blackberry Yogurt Pie

20. Berry Kanten (vegan gelatin dessert)


Image credit: lfl via Flickr


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