20 Ways You Can Live a Good Life

Patrick Bet-David shares 20 life lessons he’s learned about what makes a great life.

Here’s a list of 20 things that I have learned in life and would like to share with the rest of humanity:

  1. Spend money on experiences instead of things.
  2. Having fun in life is unarguably important in life, so pull pranks on people you love. But remember, every time you pull a prank on someone, you should expect one in return.
  3. Learn the difference between knowing when it’s appropriate to laugh at yourself and when it’s time to take yourself seriously.
  4. Don’t ever smoke cigarettes – kids don’t like the smell.
  5. Write a book. To start, create 3 folders (on your computer, filing cabinet, etc) consisting of personal stories, lessons, and favorite quotes and eventually you can turn this into a book about your life.
  6. Enjoy every moment of life – we’re only here for a blink of an eye. (You’re officially 75 seconds older than you were when you first started reading this list.)
  7. Hearing the comment, “You’ve changed” is a compliment as long as you continually improve yourself.
  8. Remember that life is harder on you than any one person will ever be. It has no sorrow or patience for tough times.
  9. Understand that God puts a Goliath in your life to bring out the David within you.
  10. Eat caviar every once in a while. Especially the kind from the Caspian Sea.
  11. Seek clarity. Don’t compromise your core beliefs because clarity comes from doing what you believe in.
  12. Everyone enjoys rebelling every once in a while. Just be sure you are being a rebel with a cause instead of a rebel without a cause.
  13. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Compete against your own personal prior best.
  14. Add your own signature to the world and do not “keep up with the Joneses” – ignore those Joneses!
  15. The 3 hardest things to find in life are: a life-long spouse, a life-long friend, and a life-long passion. When you do find them, do whatever you can to keep them.

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Patrick is a successful entrepreneur, emerging author, and financial literacy crusader committed to helping people get more out of life.

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Sorry, don't eat caviar...that's from whales, usually dead ones. I believe every person has their own life experiences and have made their own rules for a good life...or are in the process of working towards that.

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