200 Jobs to be Created by New Solar Plant

Solexant Corporation is creating a new factory in Gresham, Oregon to produce a specific kind of solar modules. The project is anticipated to create about 200 jobs, 97 of which will be for local residents.

Plans for constructing the new factory call for the work to begin in 2011. An existing building with 150,000 square feet is being adapted for the project. The work is being assisted by a $25 million dollar loan from the Oregon state government, and $18.75 million in tax credits from the city of Gresham.

Solexant makes thin-film solar power modules that are printed onto surfaces. Nanocrystal inks are used for the printing. Last year it was reported the San Jose-based company expected they could, “sell modules for $1 per watt, with efficiencies above 10 percent.” The company wants to produce about 100 megawatts of solar modules per year in the new factory.

Nanocrystals are tiny particles that can be printed on a metal foil. When they are printed they are heated so they can fuse together in larger pieces. The fusing into larger pieces causes the nanocrystals to have a higher capacity for converting sunlight into electricity. Their production process is said to be cheaper than silicon-based solar panel production.

The City of Gresham has received the EPA Green Power Communities designation. The award is for having a percentage of residents who use energy from renewable sources.

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Sowohti Urda
Sowohti Urda7 years ago

I want to know who is going to get these jobs. Union guys or the regular Joe who needs a job? Come on, you guys, think. We can't let the gov. run everything. And where is this solar power being used for? Is it going to increase our fuel bills to pay for this?

Sumit j.
Sumit jamadar7 years ago


Mari Basque
Mari 's7 years ago

Yes! Yes! Yes!!!! :-) :-)

Happy Dance!

Ruth R.
Ruth R7 years ago


Lynn C.
Lynn C7 years ago

I knew we could and would do it if given the impetus...

K s Goh
KS Goh7 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Anita Ettel
Anita Ettel7 years ago

Thanks for so much info concerning where all our new jobs and businesses are comming from. I'm forwarding this on to people who have no clue. I won't be reachable at this email address after Monday 8/02/10. I do want to receive your emails, I just don't have a new address yet. Will let you know asap. Thanks for all your help, Anita

Heather L.
Heather M7 years ago

I hope jobs like this are created everywhere

Jane H.
Jane H7 years ago

Great news---good to be kept up-to-date. When people learn how much money they'll save with this kind of stuff they will really go for it, not to stop C02, but the money savings will be the thing.

Robert Coleman
Robert C7 years ago

Yeah, good start. I expect the rest of our country to be caught up with this slightly minimal accomplishment within the next six-hundred years. Still, every little bit helps!