219 Inspired Gift Ideas for Coworkers (that They’ll Love!)

Nothing says ‘last minute dot com’ like a Starbucks gift card. If you need some gift ideas for coworkers, take a look at our inspired list of options.

Out of al the people you have to pick out a gift for these holidays, your coworkers are probably the easiest. You probably spend more time with these guys than you do your own family.

You’re close. You’re a team. They’re the ones who cover for you when you’re late back from lunch. They’re the ones who’ll not just listen to your gripes about upper management, but actually get where you’re coming from.

Even you’re lucky enough to work for one of those sought-after companies where organic fair trade espresso is on tap, paid vacation is unlimited and the snack cupboard is always full, your teammates still deserve a truly epic gift.

Choosing the Perfect Gift for Your Coworkers

Of course, some coworkers will be easier to buy for than others. You know your cubicle mates better than you know your own mom, but what about the rest of the water cooler gang?

You like them, but you’re not exactly buddies. You definitely don’t talk all the time. Figuring out how to choose the perfect gift for someone like that will be almost impossible if you hit the mall cold.

You need to do some detective work before you go shopping for coworker gifts. Ask a few simple questions, and you’ll be able to pick out the perfect gift in no time:

  • What do they enjoy doing?
  • What’s on their desk?
  • Is there something they really need?

Awesome Gift Ideas for Coworkers

gift ideas for coworkers

Hopefully, your digging panned out, and you’re ready to head to the mall and start shopping. If not, never fear. The Internet curation elves have been hard at work coming up with ideas so you don’t have to.

169 Gifts for Coworkers (You’ll Want to Keep) / Thing-a-ma-gift

Featuring a massive 169 gift ideas, this list from Thing-a-ma-gift is sure to make you the gift-giving champion in your office. In fact, it’s got you covered for the next decade. Never again will you have to resort to a Starbucks coffee card (yawn).

The mini desktop sandbox and desktop punching bag are both great ideas for that highly-strung colleague. Chewable coffee sounds gross, but it could save the day for the caffeine addict in your office (or try one of these gifts for coffee lovers!). The under-desk elliptical will appeal to the fitness freak and who doesn’t love an ugly Christmas sweater? Everyone, that’s who. Definitely don’t buy one of those.

30 Under $30 Gift Ideas for Every Type of Co-worker / The Strategist

The guys at The Strategist have gone one better by compiling list of gift ideas for coworkers that are under $30 and available on Amazon. Hello desk shopping.

Every office has at least one coffee snob. Get them a coffee mug that doubles as a French press, and you’ll be on a pedestal forever. A desk blanket is super grandma, but for the colleague who is always cold it’ll be a godsend. Morris the donkey will delight the office stationery nerd.

20 Ethical Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything / Care2

Of course, there’s always someone who has everything. Which is great for them, but not so much fun for the person tasked with buying them a Christmas gift.

If you work with someone like that they’ll probably really appreciate an ethical gift that has the environment’s best interests at heart. Besides, it’s an opportunity to support brands that are making a difference. Win, win.

Are there coworkers on your holiday gift list this year? What gift ideas for coworkers are speaking to you?

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