25 Juicy and Delicious Ways to Make Squash in the Winter

It’s the dead of winter and you might think that there are not many local, fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from during this time of year. But think again! There are so many winter produce that grows abundantly during this time of year. Squashes, including acorn, butternut, and kabocha, are at its peak during this season.

Whether you roast, steam, sautee, or bake them, squashes add flavor and heartiness to a meal. Butternut squash and acorn squash seem to be among the more popular of the winter squashes. However, there is a great selection of other amazing squashes to try from like kabocha. Read this Winter Squash 101 guide to learn about the three most popular types of winter squash.

Squashes might look tough on the outside, but they revel beautiful, tender, and nutritious flesh underneath their tough exterior. Prepare them well and you can receive many of their nutritional benefits.

Here are our favorite recipes to make with squash this winter:



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