3 Artists That Are Cleaning Up Ocean Pollution

Between massive oil spills, crowded shipping lanes, and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the oceans that cover over 70 percent of our planet are in serious trouble.

With all the pollution that’s swirling above and below the surface of the waves, cleaning up the ocean can seem like an insurmountable task. But maybe all we need is a little creative inspiration to help us change our shopping, living, and transportation habits so that less of our mess ends up in the water.

Modern artists are starting to use the debris floating in the ocean as a source of inspiration for their work, and a way of giving a powerful voice to the animals and fish that call the ocean home.

Next up: Pam Longobardi and the Drifter’s Project…

Image Credit: Flickr – IngridTaylar

In her artwork, Pam Longobardi addresses the psychological relationship between humans and the natural world. She has created the Drifters Project, an ongoing collaborative interdisciplinary project focusing on marine debris and plastic pollution. A professor of art at Georgia State University, Longobardi has had over 35 solo exhibitions and 65 group exhibitions in galleries and museums worldwide.

Eye Test Chart Color Blindness by Pam Longobardi

Up Next: Judith Selby Lang and Richard Lang of Beach Plastic…

Image Credit: Coastal Living | Got2BeGreen

Beach Plastic Lemon Containers
Artists Judith Selby Lang and Richard Lang started collecting plastic debris washing up on the shore of a 1,000-yard strip of Kehoe Beach on the Point Reyes National Seashore and carrying it away by the bagful. They say that while their collaborative work sends “a message about the spoiling of the natural world by the industrial world, our final intent is aesthetic and celebratory.”

Beach Plastic on FiestaWare Plates

Up Next: Diana Cohen of the Plastic Pollution Coalition…

Image Credits: BeachPlastic.com

Diana Cohen Mandala

Dianna Cohen is a co-founder of Plastic Pollution Coalition and her artistic life is also deeply connected to plastic as well. She is best known for her two-dimensional and three-dimensional works using recycled plastic bags – sewn together – ranging from small hanging pieces to room-sized installations, which have been shown internationally.

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Image Credits: diannacohen.com


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