3 Bloggers Receive $1000 Earth Day Grants

By Kristina Kapaun for DietsInReview.com

Every year, associates from Earth, Inc., the company that brought us Kalso Earth Shoes, known as “the original wellness shoe,” celebrate its annual birthday (Earth Day) by going out to the community and working with an ecologically-sustainable local farm as they prepare their annual harvest. They decided to hold a contest this year where they picked three online bloggers who reflected the same vision. The three winners each received a $1,000 prize to help with the projects.

The three blog winners for the contest are Stacie Haight Connerty from TheDivineMissMommie.com, Kia from BodhiBear.net, and the team at DietsInReview.com.

Beautification in Atlanta

Among many things, Stacie is a Brownie leader and also has two kids in scouts. Her project is centered around gardening, beautification, recycled crafts and tree planting in Atlanta. Her goal for the project is to involve the scouts at the school her children attend. By them helping they will be able to complete a scout service project. Not only is Stacie thrilled about winning but so are the scouts. They range from ages 5-12 and according to Stacie, “this is the perfect thing for them to do.”

Non-Toxic Cleaning in Denver

Kia’s project involves hosting a workshop to demonstrate how to use non-toxic household cleaning products. She is hosting three free workshops in the greater Denver area during the month of April. They will include demonstrations, guidance, supplies and even snacks! A downloadable guide to make non-toxic household cleaners will be available on her blog after the last workshop. Kia says, “I am grateful to be chosen for the project. I hope workshop attendees and those who download the .pdf guide, published later this month, find the information useful.” Her goal is to to help her community learn how to use non-toxic, everyday household items.

Vegetable Gardens in Wichita

DietsInReview.com will be using the funds to build vegetable gardens at Carpenter Place, both of which are located in Wichita, KS. The Carpenter Place is a non-profit rehabilitation home that serves troubled girls and women, aged 6-21. They help the girls finish their GEDs, find their first jobs, and teach them how to drive, among many other valuable life skills. While the girls and women are working on bettering their lives, Carpenter Place not only provides a safe place to live including individual apartments for the adults, they also make sure there is food on the table for the more than two dozen residents they house. Since Carpenter Place is non-profit, donations are extremely important for them to be able to provide for the women. Unfortunately, some of the food donations are non-perishable foods, which does not provide all the important vitamins and nutrients as fresh food does and also carries a lot of preservatives. When they found out they’d benefit from the Kalso Earth Shoes donation to DietsInReview.com, Jennifer White, a Carpenter Place house mom said, “We are so excited to have DietsInReview come help us with gardens for our campus.” The goal is to plant four raised bed gardens with fruit, vegetables, and herbs, and have enough leftover to start composting.

During the month of April, DietsInReview, as well as Kia and Stacie, will be sending out updates on their projects, via each of their sites as well as on Twitter using #KalsoProjectEarth. As well, follow Kalso on Facebook or Twitter to see updates.

Everyone from Earth, Inc., as well as the winners, hope they will inspire others to do something for Earth day. So if you are inspired, find ways to help your local community. You can build your own garden, start recycling or find a project like these in your own area to help!


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Congratulations to you all! It's wonderful to hear of people doing good things for their fellow humans and the planet.

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Thanks for the article.

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