3 Fresh Organization Ideas to Kickstart Your Day

Need a little motivational pick-me-up? Organization is an important key to productivity, and revamping your efforts can really help you pick up the pace and get things done. Organization doesn’t have to mean boring bulleted lists and file cabinets though—there are plenty of beautiful, inspiring, fun and visually appealing ways to streamline your life. Here are a three of my favorite ideas.

Make a Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling has taken the internet by storm in the past year or so. YouTubers, bloggers and Instagram sensations all exhibit their bullet journal projects for the world to see, and an entire community of organization-lovers has evolved from the method.

Bullet journaling is essentially a method of daily, weekly and monthly planning you can use with any journal, notebook or day planner. The Lazy Genius Collective has a fantastic bare-bones guide you should check out before you get started.

You start your bullet journal by creating an Index (essentially a table of contents). You number your pages, putting aside a certain page for each day. Each page will provide ample space for to-do lists, meal plans, reminders and notes.

Don’t plan too far ahead, though—you’ll also add lists called Collections anytime you want to create a more specialized list. For example, you may decide to create a list of books to read. Simply add the list to your journal and place the appropriate page number in your Index. You can reference your Index at any time to get to the lists or days you need to view.

That’s the quick and dirty explanation, but bullet journaling is also a great creative outlet once you get the hang of it. YouTubers and bloggers like Gretchen Hope and Boho Berry often share the elaborate art and scrapbook-style designs they add to their bullet journals.

Create a Vision Board

Vision boards are no longer the sole property of brand stylists and designers. Everyday people can create vision boards to organize their goals, ambitions, dreams and plans. Vision boards seem to be very effective tools for getting things accomplished, largely because they tap into our visualization powers.

When we look at a vision board throughout the day, we’re visualizing our own ideas of success. Psychology Today explains why visualization is such an important tool.

“A study looking at brain patterns in weightlifters found that the patterns activated when a weightlifter lifted hundreds of pounds were similarly activated when they only imagined lifting,” Psychology Today reported. “In some cases, research has revealed that mental practices are almost effective as true physical practice and that doing both is more effective than either alone.”

So how to get started? Wellness expert Elizabeth Rider recommends focusing on clippings, quotes, photos and knick knacks that embody how you want to feel, not just what you want to do. Gather these items and tack them onto a cork board (or any other board that suits your needs). Hang your vision board somewhere you’ll be able to see it and draw inspiration from it every day.

DIY Clipboards

Supplement your bullet journal and vision board with some cute DIY clipboards. You can use these clipboards to display extra lists, event plans, accomplishments or motivational imagery.

You can pick up stylized clipboards from any number of retail locations. Target has some of the cheapest yet cutest options available. Or, you can go with Design Sponge’s DIY recommendation.

All you’ll need is some cut acrylic, binder clips, spray paint and wall hooks. Spray the binder clips with whatever color you’ve chosen. Insert the wall hooks and hang the clips upon them, using the clips to hold the acrylic as well as whatever item you’re displaying. Cheap, cute and functional—now that’s inspirational!


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