3 Healthy Dog Food Recipes that Happen to Be Vegan

Today is National Cook for Your Pets Day. What better way to celebrate than by spoiling your four-legged best friend with nutritious and delicious, home cooked healthy dog food (that just happens to be vegan).

Commercial pet food is an environmental disaster, so it’s little wonder more and more eco-conscious humans are opting to feed their pets a plant-based diet.

Of course, this begs the question. Can dogs and cats be vegan? There are arguments for and against, but unlike cats, dogs are not obligate carnivores. Perhaps, a more pertinent point to focus on, though, is the quality of food you’re feeding your pet.

A whole food diet that’s nutrient dense, rich in fiber and chock full of vitamins and minerals is as important for dogs as it is for us humans. Besides, dogs also enjoy (and deserve) a little variety.

You might not think your pooch would be partial to anything other than meat, but give it a try, Fido may just surprise you with his discerning palate.

We spent some time doggie sitting a Great Dane last year, and his favorite meals by far were the ones where we’d added a generous portion of veggies to his kibbles.

Healthy Dog Food Recipes

These healthy dog food recipes are all super easy and not especially time-consuming or difficult to make, so give them a try. I’m not sure how much vet-approved pet food costs nowadays, but I have a hunch that homemade meals like these will be cheaper.

1. Homemade Dog Vegan Food from The Vegan Zombie

Chris is hilarious. In our world of wannabe YouTube stars, this guy really stands out with his fun, larger-than-life personality. His recipe for vegan dog food is easy, tasty and fit for human consumption. Talk about a winning combination.

The peanut butter might be slowing things down, but Indy the handsome German Shepherd is clearly enjoying the grub his human cooked up for him. The next time I visit Brian the Great Dane, I’m making him a bowl of this for sure.

2. My Go-To Vegan Dog Food Recipe from Livin’ Free

Pepsi has been eating vegan dog food for the past three years and is thriving. Beginning with a base of half beans or legumes, one quarter grains (rice, quinoa, oats, etc.) and one quarter green and orange veggies, his human Tarah then adds coconut milk, peanut butter and some spices and herbs to the mix. Yum.

The Raw Food Livin’ website was down for maintenance at the time of writing this, so I wasn’t able to get my hands on a recipe link. However, Tarah’s YouTube clip is only 6:20 minutes long and well worth watching, since you get to see just how delicious this recipe actually looks.

3. How to Make Vegan Dog Food from Madly Organic

Fittingly, this video features Layla the pooch as the star of the show. From the look of things, she’s very particular about what goes into her food. There is plenty of additional info below the video, including links to the ingredients Madison uses in her recipe.

By the end of the video Layla is smacking her chops. Given what a tough client she is, I reckon it’s safe to say your dog will love this recipe, too.

Whichever of these healthy dog food recipes you choose, make sure you use really good ingredients. Having a chat with your vet about canine dietary requirements is also a good idea.

If you don’t make the effort your dog will resort to stealing food, and nobody wants a canine thief on their hands. Just saying.

3 Healthy Dog Food Recipes that Happen to Be Vegan

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Coming from a vegan - if you want a vegan animal, please consider adopting a rabbit, guinea pig, or even a goat. Dogs have not evolved to be vegans, and subjecting them to vegan only diets can be detrimental to their overall health. These recipes might be great for treats or as a supplement to a balanced diet, but if you intend on forcing your vegan beliefs on your dog please consult your vet before implementing such a drastic change in your pet's diet!!! This isn't something you want to do with only some random youtube video as guidance; your dog's health is at risk. I question the judgement of Care2 by publishing this article without ANY notice of the risks involved nor insistence that owners consultant their vets first.

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