3 Obesity Health Risks You Never Thought Of

Recent figures show that two-thirds of U.S. adults (and one-third of children and teens) are either overweight or obese. Yet millions of Americans are unaware of the many ways obesity can 
impact their health. Exceeding your recommended BMI can elevate your risk of developing all sorts of medical problemsóeverything from cancer to infertility.

1. Vicious Cycle: Arthritis

A recent poll by the†Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research , revealed that while nearly three-fourths of those polled were aware that being overweight can increase oneís risk of heart disease and diabetes, only 15 percent were aware that obesity can lead to arthritis. Once saddled with arthritis, obese individuals cut down on their exercise and become even more obese. Surprisingly, nearly a quarter of those polled were under the impression that one can be substantially overweight and still be in good health.

2. Gut Fat Linked to Cancer

A scant 7 percent of those polled were aware that obesity could increase their risk of developing colon, breast, prostate and uterine cancers. In a CBS News article, Dr. Christopher Desch, a medical oncologist in Richmond, Virginia, noted that being overweight could make it more difficult to spot tumors early, catch recurring tumors, or determine the optimal chemotherapy dosage. Fat cells do more than just store fat; they can produce surges of proteins and insulin that may trigger out-of-control growth in certain types of cells. Fat cells also make estrogen, which can be a fuel for breast cancer. The worst offender is the visceral fat that builds up in the abdomen, since itís most metabolically active.

3. Infertility & Pregnancy Problems

Many women were completely unaware that obesity can lead to infertility. A†Nurses’ Health Study revealed that infertility rose with higher BMIs. This study even went so far as to imply that a quarter of ovulatory infertility in the U.S. might be tied to obesity. Being obese also elevates the risk of an early or late miscarriage, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and delivery complications.

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Thank you!

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Anne and Kamia are absolutly right! So the answer is being careful with what w eat, specially if we became olders... More fruits and vegetables, more organic food, less sugar, white floor, less fat, less meat , to drink lots of water and herbal infusions, or green and white tea, without sugar that's what I make... Exercice the body is very important, but this I'm too lasy... I just do some yoga, sometimes... I wich I could move myself more...

Muff-Anne York-Haley

My brother, sister-in-law, nephew and niece are all obese, the parents are morbidly obese and my brother is pre-diabetic! This is so bad as my Mum and Dad were thin, I'm thin as is my other brother. Their eating habits are junk, junk and more junk, I don't think they'll live to see grandchildren:(

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good reminders

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The best thing to do is never gain the weight, but that is easily said and so much harder to do with all our stress and busyness in our lives. Didn't know it could be one cause of arthritis. Good article on an important topic! Thanks.