3 People Who Will Change the Way the World Views Aging

“Is aging humanity’s worst problem?”

This is the question that Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer of the SENS Research Foundation, a non-profit organization for conducting research on scientific rejuvenation, poses in his 2009 TEDMED speech.

“Aging kills 100,000 people per day; most after a long period of suffering,” points out de Grey. “What else does that?”

Indeed, as the years begin to accumulate, it does sometimes seem as if things just keep getting progressively worse for human beings.

What starts off as simple joint pain, can soon transform into full-blown arthritis. Small mental slips evolve into greater cognitive issues. At some point, we may be forced to give up the keys to the car we’ve been driving for years, or the house we’ve lived in for decades, and rely on someone else (usually an adult child) to care for us.

However, there are those out there who are striving to change this paradigm. These male and female visionaries are dedicated to transforming how we view (and experience) the inevitable process of getting older. We’d like to introduce you to a few of them, and their out-of-the-box ideas.

Here are 3 people who are poised to change the way the world thinks about aging:

Tim Carpenter, founder and executive director of EngAGE, an organization geared towards making senior living communities places where elders can interact and engage with their environment, says that whenever he speaks about aging, he asks the audience one question: “How many of you want to get older?”

The response, he admits, is tepid at best. Only around half of those gathered actually raise their hands. The other half, assumably, prefer the alternative.

In this talk (see video above), given at TEDxSoCal, Carpenter examines why so many of us seem to loathe the very idea of getting older:

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William Thomas, M.D., co-founder of the Eden Alternative and Green House Project—two initiatives aimed at transforming the future of eldercare—speaks at TEDxSF about the root causes of ageism, and how it can be overcome:

Finally, we come to Aubrey de Grey’s 2009 TEDMED talk, where he outlines the theory how modern medicine could be used to “end aging” by performing ongoing maintenance on the human body:

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By Anne-Marie Botek, AgingCare.com Editor


Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

we should treat our older travelers kindly. thanks for the article

Sabrina I.
Past Member 5 years ago


Biby C.
Biby C5 years ago

Great videos, thanks!

No thanks to the fashion and beauty industries, we have become obsessed with this thing called youth and come to regard aging as something horrible! According to them, we should get rid of every ounce of fat on our body, every fine line and wrinkle on our face, EVEN our photos should not be spared!

Well, have I got news for you! Aging is not something horrible! I've just turned senior citizen last year and I'm having a great time. I work, I play, I entertain, I exercise, I travel and I've never done a single procedure to my face and I love the way I look! And I'm sure there're millions out there who're in the same boat.

Alan Lambert
Alan Lambert5 years ago

I see every day what happens to seniors that nobody wants and it is NOT pretty.

Patricia H.
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Laura Saxon
.5 years ago

Great article. Thanks for sharing.

Vita Pagh
Vita P5 years ago

Media has a huge impact on how we approach aging!!!....
In Sweden you hardly ever see an elderly human being on TV, in newspapers, on commercials,on radio etc. etc...
I think it is a disgrace!!....
Senior citizens has SO much to share and learn the society...
In this world we are missing lots of GREAT human values and skills!....just because aging has become a problem....instead of an asset!!.

Bill and Katie D.
Katie & Bill D5 years ago

We can learn from our Seniors, they can teach us so much!
Thank You

heather g.
heather g5 years ago

It requires someone who is creative, and a caring community to pull off something like this where the environment brings out the best in people. What is striking about this article is that this transformation took place within a lower income senior community.