3 Questions to Ask Before You Eat

  1. Am I hungry? if the honest answer is No, put the fork down. Because it’s not your body that craves the creamy pasta: it’s the mind. Why is this happeneing to you? Ayurveda has an interesting theory. It says carvings for not-so-beneficial foods are a mistake of the intellect. They show that your mind and your body are not working in harmony. How to get them to fall in step? Try to bring everything around you in harmony. Inspect the causes of discored and stress in your daily life, and one by one, take steps to remove them.
  2. Am I tearing through this meal? If yes, why? What on earth could be more important than giving your body time to imbibe and enjoy the gift of a meal? Eat your meals with care and attention. The French do just that, and though they eat four times as much butter as Americans, fewer Frenchmen have heart attacks. The key is to cook with love and savor at leisure.
  3. When was the last time I had a flower on my dining table? Surely, you might ask, what has that really got to do with eating well? A lot! Everything around you affects the way you feel: the color of your clothes, the temperature of the room, the words you hear, the scent of the air. So try to make your surroundings as harmonious as you can. One great way to do this is to get close to Nature: watch the stars, grow organic fruits and vegetables in your backyard. If your job tires you in body and in mind, quit. Mend a troubled relationship with the glue of unconditional love. If you’re stressed out, meditate. Always and always, follow your heart.


Amandine S.
Past Member 4 years ago

Thanks for sharing

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G6 years ago


Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe6 years ago

These are great concepts if I could just remember them when I see something yummy to eat.
As for the flowers, that will have to wait another month till they start blooming in my garden.

Jennifer E.
Jennifer E6 years ago


Jennifer E.
Jennifer E6 years ago

Leslie C - maybe you could teach your cats to appreciate the flowers, too. Maybe they'd like them if they got used to seeing them and sniffing them rather than being allowed to destroy them. They are supposed to be very smart animals, and I have seen them sniffing flowers in peoples' gardens.

Gary C.
Gary C6 years ago

Interesting article , thankyou.....

Siti Rohana
Siti R6 years ago

friendships is like food; to be savor at leisure.

Anne Mueller
Anne M6 years ago

Great, thanks! :)

leslie c.
leslie c6 years ago

Good tips. Only I can't have flowers because my cats
eat them or just destroy them. But a great suggestion
in general & something I miss having in the house!

Kari Knabe
Kari Knabe6 years ago

Thanks for the reminders (& the flowers!)!