3 Ways to Keep Up with the Planetary Shift

Many people sense a planetary shift is going on. There is global economic instability, climate change, increased solar activity, unusual magnetic field changes and more frequent occurrences of both extreme weather and geological events. On December 21, 2012, there will be the great alignment of Earth with the center of the Milky Way, which happens just once every 25,000 years. The date also marks the end of the Mayan calendar. Some fear the end of the world as we know it, while others perceive a shift into higher consciousness is unfolding — that a more heart-based world is being born while Old World structures are falling apart.

Most people don’t know exactly what’s going on, but know that something is indeed going on. Many of us also sense a shift internally and perceive that time is accelerating, finding it difficult to keep up at times. We’re constantly bombarded by an ever-increasing number of choices. Emotions peak and ebb to extremes in the span of hours, even minutes. Uncertainty seems to be on the rise about our personal direction as well as that of the world.

Amid the stress and chaos, there is increasing awareness of our global interconnectivity. A momentum is building among those who want to come together to make a difference, give back to society and take care of each other and our planet. Social networking is bringing people together, and there is both an energetic spark in the air and a growing sense of hope that something new will emerge.

Scientific research shows these flickers of hope are qualities of the heart and spirit. The heart feelings of emotional well-being, care and compassion are enhanced by:

  • Spiritual practices like meditation and prayer that connect us to something greater than ourselves
  • Heart connection with others — close friendships within and outside the family
  • Gathering with others frequently for uplifting purposes such as church, social causes, etc.

We call these actions that help nurture us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually “aspects of heart-based living.” As the planetary shift continues and people experience greater stress, overstimulation, overload and stress-induced physical and mental health problems, the imperative to shift toward heart-based living increases.

As life’s pace continues to accelerate, we’ll be presented with even more choices and possibly have less time to make them. The good news is that when we approach our choices with sincere heart intent, it’s easier to access the intuition and energy required to shift quickly into the most beneficial mental and emotional states. We have a choice to ride the waves of change or be caught in the undertow.

Graph of Incoherence and Coherence

Nearly two decades of HeartMath research on stress reduction and emotional well-being have addressed the areas of:

Incoherence: When a person feels stress, overwhelm, anxiety, uncertainty or fear, the heart sends chaotic and incoherent signals to the brain-mind, triggering more stressful responses. The higher cortical functions are inhibited — meaning the heart and brain are out of alignment — so solutions to personal or world problems are elusive.

Collectively, these negative emotions are registered in the heart and brain’s electromagnetic fields, generating a global stress and incoherence wave that goes out to those around us and around the globe. Stress and incoherence are intensified by instant mass media reports, spreading news about natural disasters, social upheaval, economic turmoil and more.

Coherence: When you feel genuine hope, care and compassion, your heart is sending harmonious and coherent signals to the brain-mind, replacing feelings of separation with a sense of connection. The heart and brain are aligned and in sync. The higher cortical functions are enhanced, facilitating objective, sober assessment and intuitive perception. You perceive more wholeness, and solutions to problems are more apparent.

Positive emotions such as hope, care, compassion and appreciation can generate a collective global coherence wave that sends an electromagnetic field out to those around us and across the globe. Increasing heart alignment and focusing on heart-based living have the potential to create a global coherence wave that facilitates new solutions for the world’s problems.

More than ever people need to understand the physiology of coherence that underlies heart-based principles and the science behind global coherence. Scientific researchers have come together to make people more aware of the potentials of consciously creating a collective coherence wave. The Institute of HeartMath along with a prestigious scientific advisory board launched the Global Coherence to unite people in heart-focused coherent care and compassion and measure those effects.

Learn more about global coherence and the Global Coherence Initiative

Planet uptilt

Three Ways to Keep Up with the Planetary Shift

No. 1: Practice genuine appreciation and care for everything in your life, especially anything you may take for granted. Increasing heartfelt positive emotions like appreciation and care helps you move through difficult times with greater ease, security and grace. When you’re not aligned with your heart, the textures and richness of life can quickly diminish.

Intentionally generating positive feelings such as appreciation, care or compassion increases physiological coherence and adds greater texture and richness to our lives. Sunsets appear more beautiful, spring days feel fresher, and even food seems to taste better.

No. 2: Practice care, not overcare, for yourself and others. We are all going through the planetary shift together. Ask yourself “Is my care producing or reducing stress?” Be aware of how you feel about an issue at hand, place your focus in the heart area and breathe in a positive feeling or attitude to create more coherence. Be objective, as if the issue or problem belongs to someone else. Relax in the heart area and become neutral about the issue, allowing your heart intelligence to offer new perspectives and possibilities.

You can increase the potency of your care and intentions and the effectiveness of your choices and actions. Listening to what your heart prompts you to do can make your caring more effective. Excessive care, or overcare, related to an issue or situation can create stress, negative emotions or incoherence, so it is important for your care to be balanced.

No. 3: Watch out for negative projections — the down slant. Negative projections actually are negative thoughts and feelings about you, someone else or the future. For example, say you’re planning to meet someone with whom you have a hard time communicating. Instead of projecting judgment or anxiety, generate appreciation, care and calm. You’ll enter the meeting with a more balanced and intuitive perspective.

Blue sky in shape of heart

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Thank you for this article. It is encouraging that 2012 is no longer perceived as the end of the world, and all that doom and gloom. There is definitely a collective consciousness that man can apply for the greater good of the world.

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Diane Des Rochers

Obscurely, Tom Y comment is not available to read. However, I would think as I read other comments that the Tom Y text suggested that one:
-Cites scientific studies when they are really scientifically done
-Knows that globalization and not alignmenent of planets is a cause of being " bombarded by an ever-increasing number of choices"
-Has heard that stress management has been replaced by abother fad called resilience development.
Really, are we ever going to move away from alarmist myths...and the stone age ?