30+ Recipes for Cooking Up Fall’s Bounty

Find out what’s in season and how to cook fall veggies and fruits. We’ve got a list of fall produce plus more than 30 fall recipes.

I know. Loving fall is a total cliche, but what can I say? We’ve had a scorcher of a summer, and the past couple of weeks have been a delight. I love cozy sweaters and comfy boots. But most of all I like cooking with fall’s bounty. Here are 10 delicious seasonal veggies plus fall recipes to cook them up right.

For each of the ten tasty fall fruits and veggies, I’ve got three recipes (or recipe roundups!) to go with. All told, there are probably more like 50 or 60 fall recipes in this list. Enjoy them!

Broccoli – Try a raw broccoli slaw, broccoli cous cous salad, or these broccoli tacos.

Leeks – Sweet, oniony leeks are such a fall treat. Check out this list of 12 vegetarian leek recipes. You can also keep it simple with braised leeks or try tossing browned leeks into a chickpea flour pancake.

Butternut Squash – Winter squash season is upon us! Warm your bones with butternut squash with sage croutons. Kale salad with roasted squash is a nice side or main dish. Or just go for it with the best butternut squash recipe ever.

Brussels Sprouts – I can’t get enough of these tiny cabbages in the fall. Cook them into a hearty chipotle chili, saute them up with dried cranberries, or saute them up with a wine glaze.

Fennel – You might be a little gunshy about cooking with fennel. Try one of these 10 fennel recipes to help you get comfortable with this healthy fall veggie. You can also saute up fennel with turnips and shiitake mushrooms or feature it in a beet and orange salad.

Garlic – You probably cook with garlic all year round, but fall is prime garlic season. Make your own vegan wine and garlic butter, fermented garlic, or roast it up for an orzo salad.

Grapes – My 18-month-old is pretty jazzed about grape season. He may not, however, have any of my new favorite grape cocktail. You can also try making your own muscadine wine for holiday gifts or start your day with a green grape smoothie.

Pumpkin – Can you believe I made it to number eight before mentioning pumpkin? Forget sugary pumpkin spice lattes! Get your pumpkin fix with one of these vegan pumpkin recipes instead. OK, so one of those is totally a latte. You might also like dipping veggies or chips into curried pumpkin hummus.

Turnips – Turnips are such an underrated fall veggie. Eat them in a delicious pureed soup, stuff them into a veggie wrap, or stew them up with chickpeas for a satisfying one-pot meal.

Sweet Potatoes – I probably don’t have to tell you to eat sweet potatoes, but there are lots of fun ways to cook these yummy root veggies. Bake some sweet potato brownies, puree them into soup with Indian spices, or treat yourself to homemade sweet potato fries.


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This is Canadas Thanksgiving long weekend.
This Monday is Thanksgiving here,because our climate is colder and things are harvested earlier......I wish to express that I am grateful for the abundance of wonderful fresh organic produce that we have here in Canada, and specifically in New Brunswick!

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