4 At-Home Exercises That Will Make You Sweat Buckets

I have to admit it, I feel more fulfilled when sweat is dripping down my face after a workout. If you know the feeling I’m talking about, youíll definitely love this article.

In fact sweating has health benefits. It flushes toxins (alcohol, salt and cholesterol) out of the body, reduces risk of kidney stones, boosts endorphins and prevents colds.

But sweating doesnít necessarily mean youíll burn more caloriesóneither will it help you lose more weight.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure that you sweat more in your workouts.

  • Exercise in a heated room or work out outdoors in the summer. The more heat there is, the easier itíll be to sweat.
  • Drink lots of water before and during the workout. Itís easier to swear when youíre well hydrated.
  • Train at high intensity. Youíll sweat faster if you perform exercises at a high intensity.
  • Wear layers when exercising.

The body loses water when we sweat, so make sure you drink lots of water after a sweaty workout.

Perform the exercises below in one workout. Do 3 sets for each exercise and maximum reps for each set. Avoid taking long rests because the body will cool down.

1. Jump squats

Jump squats are a high intensity exercise that will strengthen the lower body and the core.

How to perform:

Stand upright, keep your feet shoulder-width apart and place hands behind the head.

Squat until the thighs are parallel to the floor.

Rise and quickly jump off the floor. Then return to starting position and repeat.

2. Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers are a great full body exercise that mainly target the core. Perform them fast to sweat fast.

How to perform:

Start in the straight-arm plank position.

Tighten the core, then bring one knee as close to the chest as possible.

Quickly return that knee to starting position as you simultaneously bring the other knee close to the chest.

Keep alternating the legs as fast as possible.

3. Incline bench burpees

Donít let the word burpees discourage you. This is an easy variation and youíll probably be able to perform it.

How to perform:

Stand a step away from a bench and keep your feet a few inches apart.

Jump off the floor, place your hands on the bench, then walk back two steps.

Walk forward to starting position, jump and repeat.

4. High knees running in place

This is a full body exercise and will improve your cardiovascular health.

How to perform:

Stand upright and keep feet close together.

Run on the same spot and lift your knees as high as possible.

Increase arm movement for maximum intensity.

Which at-home exercises make you sweat buckets?




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