4 Best Crystals for Healing Heartbreak

A broken heart can be one of the toughest experiences of many peoples’ lives. It sounds so easy: “Just let it go,” people say. But reality is never quite that simple, and in addition to mourning the loss of the person we once loved from our lives, we also mourn our former selves, the passage of time and even the pangs of old wounds.

In times like these, many people find joy and comfort in crystal healing. If you have a meditation practice, hold on to one of these crystals as you meditate. You can also wear these gems in jewelry or place them on your bedside table.

Apache Tears

Apache Tears, a type of Black Obsidian, are named after Nativepeople in the American Southwest and Mexico. These crystals are meant to protect against negative energy, which many people tend to be holding onto after a breakup. Particularly appropriate if your relationship was toxic, these crystals offer a way to block negative energy from entering your own body, allowing you the space to heal.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is probably the most commonly prescribed crystal for any type of heartbreak, but as it symbolizes being open to love and healing, it may be best used at least a few weeks after a relationship as ended. It can be a fantastic crystal to meditate with if you’re working on learning to love yourself, or if you’re ready to move on to potential new relationships in your life.


Chrysoprase energizes the heart chakra, a chakra that can become blocked after an emotionally trying situation. If you have anything holding you back from being open to love such as heartbreak meditating with chrysoprase can help. This crystal is also associated with compassion and acceptance.


Another crystal that’s ideal for those who are ready to accept the past and forgive their former partners (and themselves), Amazonite is a great tool for moving past heartache. If you are dealing with feelings of bitterness, jealousy or resentment, Amazonite’s energies help you to forgive and forget.

These four crystals are great for healing heartache, and they can all be used in conjunction with each other throughout the phases of a breakup. Meditating with Apache Tears when you are first engulfed grief, Rose Quartz as you begin to nurture your wounds, Chrysophrase as you begin to heal, and Amazonite as you forgive past wrongs will be a helpful progression for anyone dealing with heartache.

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Enjoy crystals for their beauty and they might work but do not let that be your only gameplan.

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There are more effective ways to heal than buying gemstones ripped out of the earth.

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