4 Booze-Free, Mindful Events to Check Out This Summer

Across the country, mindfulness-based social events are picking up steam as people turn away from passe pub crawls and raves. Meditation, mindfulness, conscious living, wellness—these words are as trendy as they are important for a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Now that mindfulness has come en vogue, a new trend is emerging: sober parties. As Andrea Rice wrote for Wanderlust’s blog, alcohol-free events are one of the hottest new social trends. Here are a few of the coolest, hippest booze-free events across the country:


We often correlate festivals with riotous drinking, but Wanderlust—a super-popular yoga and mindfulness festival—puts that stereotype to rest. The 4-day festivals take place all around the world and include lots of cool musical and speaking acts. From yoga teachers to spiritual gurus to rock n’ roll, the acts presented at Wanderlust aim to help festival-goers discover their “true north.”

As for the cuisine? It’s all fresh, wholesome, farm-to-table fare. The festival’s creators are all about mindful eating.

Though the 4-day festival is a major time investment, it’s not the only way to get involved. Wanderlust 108 is a 1-day “mindful triathlon” event. Instead of running, biking and swimming, you run, practice yoga and meditate. These events also feature local cuisine and booze-free beverages from the health food world’s top brands.


Daybreaker is an international organization that puts on some great parties—but these aren’t your typical raves. Daybreaker parties are held in the morning, meant to be your first stop before going to work.

The idea is this: Arrive before dawn, dance like crazy to hot beats from popular DJs, and then go to work feeling amazing. Daybreaker has hosted events in cities like New York, London, Boston, San Francisco and Paris, and has future parties planned for cities like Chicago, Shanghai, Montreal, Dubai, Tel Aviv and Lisbon.

The Shine

You know that an event described as a “mindfully-curated variety show” is going to be interesting.  The Shine, which goes live in New York and LA every six weeks, features all manner of art and entertainment, from storytelling and live music to short films and group meditation.

“Our mission is to create a fun and welcoming social environment where attendees can strike up meaningful conversations and make lasting connections that leave them feeling inspired to do more, give more, and be more,” states The Shine’s website.

The Big Quiet

The Big Quiet connects mindful people across the globe by organizing free group meditations—and we’re not talking about 10 yogis getting together to ‘om.’ We’re talking thousands of people. The Big Quiet’s Central Park event made history by bringing together the largest group of New Yorkers ever to join each other for a mass meditation.

Andrea Rice wrote in an article for Mindbodygreen that the event’s organizers wanted to bring people a way to meditate and connect that wasn’t New Age-y or too “out there.”

“We’re hosting the event to create awareness for meditation within modern city living,” said Jesse Israel, a member of Medi Club, which organizes The Big Quiet.

Most of these events are up for grabs in a city near you! Wanderlust 108 festivals take place in most major cities across the country, while the websites for Daybreaker and The Big Quiet offer ways to sign your city up for an event. Get involved if you’re interested in bringing mindful, sober entertainment to your area.


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