4 Creative Litter Box Alternatives

Life with a pet that can do its business indoors makes Sunday mornings a little more restful, but not necessarily sweeter.

By Shannon, MyPetHealthGuide.com

Kitty litter, for all of its wonderful practicality, can create quite a mess. There are strategies for helping your cat cope with missing the box from time to time and things you can try to reduce the smell. But the straight poop is that some folks just can’t make peace with the concept of an open box in the bathroom.

If your concern is more philosophical than actual, here are some nifty ways to dispose of your dilemma:

Sweeten the Pot

Try a scented or natural product, like a litter made of pine to at least alter, if not completely eliminate, the odor.

Automatically Change Things

A self- changing litter box sweeps the solids from the pan, keeping litter from staying in the box where the cat goes. They can range from basic to extreme, but they can be well worth the scratch if you hate to clean the box. Plus, if your cat is prone to urinary tract infections, a self-changing box will help to keep bacteria from growing close to where your cat will be going.

Kitten litter training made easy

Make a Statement

There are some very clever and decorative litter boxes that will make the cat box seem more like a part of the décor than an eye (and nose) sore. Consider a litter box that’s disguised as a planter or a lovely wooden side table. Or, if you ‘d rather embrace it than disguise it, you may like a box with a beach bungalow motif to take your mind off of your woes. Surf’s up, kitty.

Leave the Seat Down for Sadie

And finally, if you really can’t handle the notion of separate bathrooms for you and your pet, there is the option to toilet train your cat. It may not necessarily bring you closer together, but toilet training could help to flush your litter box cares away.


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thanks for sharing

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Good info, thanks for sharing.

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Thank you :)

Naoma F.
Naoma F4 years ago

WhY IS the cat lying in its litter box? That is for "doing his business" not
taking a nap. Puzzles me.

Pamela W.
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@ Tommy K.
Absolutely, they can! My Bluberri did, some cats are very easily trained.

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Can the cats flush too?

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Cats that have been declawed (Some countries in Europe have banned this thankfully),developed tender paws & some litter is painful to them. Try finding the softest litter. Self clumping litter is easy to clean and doesn't smell with regular care

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I'm not sure I would want my cat toilet trained, then have to worry if she missed every time I went to the bathroom LOL.