4 Easy Steps to Happier Hormones

Whether you’re 30 or 50+, you don’t have to feel cranky, tapped out, and chronically sleep-deprived. Old-school medical thinking tells us that these ďconditionsĒ are all just a part of growing older as a woman and prescription medication can cure most of our ills.

Furthermore, we are conditioned as women to live in ways that get our hormones (like thyroid, cortisol, progesterone, and estrogen) to work against us, putting us in a bad mood and causing stress, weight gain and overall unhappiness.

But, it doesnít have to be that way. You can take steps to adjust your hormones naturally so they are allies and they work together to get you feeling better than you have in years. I know from suffering in my 30s with PMS, belly fat, and low sex drive–I figured out that my problem was my hormones. I fixed mine in one month and wrote my new book The Hormone Cure (Simon & Schuster, 3/12/13) to explain how you can too.

I’m going to help you get out of your rut and feel better fast with a few small actions you can implement right away to begin balancing your hormones and seeing results.

To amplify your happy brain chemicals and get your hormones playing on your team again here are 4 actions you can take:

1. Get Your Sleep On

One of the top reasons I see women stall with their weight goals or fail to heal their thyroid or adrenal glands is that they run a chronic sleep debt. All of your hormonal systems run on a circadian rhythm, and if you want to keep them happy and healthy, you must do your part with winding down and getting to bed by 10 p.m. Yes, that’s right…10 p.m.!

2. Be an Architect

Take the evolutionary perspective. As you age you are wired, as described by author Barbara Sher, to shift from the life you were born into the life you create. So, become the architect of your best life. Women who are clear about the kind of life they want to create ó women who constantly learn how to tap into what brings them the greatest meaning and have the energy to sustain itóhave it.

3. Take Tiara Time

Women need help to reclaim their “me” time and a tiara can serve as a visual cue for

your family that you are not endlessly available to satisfy their every whim. So, purchase (or dig out) your tiara and wear it 3 times this week. When you are wearing your tiara, do something nourishing, such as taking a hot bath, talking to a girlfriend on the phone for 10 minutes, practicing yoga, or listening to a meditation CD. Taking those minutes to relax, will de-stress you, lower your heart rate, and tell your brain to ease back on the cortisol itís pumping through your system. Click here to watch Ricki Lake and me share tiara time.

4. Go Barefoot

There’s actually some compelling science that shows you can reset adrenal function by connecting to the earth directly. No wonder gardeners are so happy! Walk on the beach, hike for 10 minutes in your bare feet–itís been shown to help rebalance your hormones.

If you want happier hormones, listen to your body. Taking action to adjust your lifestyle is more simple than you think.

What are you waiting for?

by Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD, Contributor to Integrative Medicine on AllThingsHealing.com


Becky Holland
Becky Holland4 years ago

pet a critter. that connectedness with another pure soul with no agenda other than love really boosts all sorts of good hormones and helps healing. think therapy dogs and cats in hospitals and beyond.

Vita Pagh
Vita P4 years ago

Thank you for great tips.

Latanya Stevenson

Good advice!! I'm currently doing some of these things to get myself back together. Ive also been reading self help things and I'm happy to say I'm getting back to normal!!!! YAY!!!

Freddy Jones
Freddy Jones4 years ago


Chinmayee Jog
Chinmayee Jog4 years ago

Thanks for sharing, very important points! I didn't know about the barefoot connection to the endocrine glands, but I wouldn't be surprised if it works :) Also, getting in bed by 10 pm is very hard when you do shift-work like I do, but it's definitely worth aspiring to on the days that I'm at home in the evenings.

Carolanne Powell
C Powell4 years ago

Good, down to Earth advice.

Sonali Ghosh
Sonali G4 years ago

thanks will give it a go

Celine R.
Past Member 4 years ago

Thanks for the info :)

Dale O.

Going barefoot is delightful, especially on the sandy beaches and while gardening.
Ten in the evening? Night owls who work will not be too pleased about those hours.
Good one, nahia L!
The only one wearing a tiara in the house is The Cat. She puts it on before giving me Her Orders, such as Feed Me Now, Throw my spring so that I can retrieve it and have you throw it endlessly, clean out the litter pan...she wears it most of the day and evening.

Tania N.
Tania N4 years ago

Thanks for sharing