4 Ethical Engagement Rings That Will Make You Swoon

When it comes to selecting the perfect engagement ring, there are both human and environmental concerns of which to be mindful.

The mining of diamonds and precious metals has a dark history of spurring conflict and the processes by which they are harvested can be irreparably damaging to the environment. Beyond this, miners are often taken advantage ofódenied fair wages and forced to work in dangerous and unhealthy conditions.

Thankfully, jewelry designers are catching on.

Today, brides have a wide selection of beautiful, kindly-created rings rings to choose from. The 4 designs listed below were made from a combination of ethically-sourced or vintage diamonds, and recycled or fair trade gold. Many of these brands also prioritize the environment by being green-certified.

Happy swooning!

5 Ethical Engagement Rings That Will Make You Swoon

The Solitaire†by Vrai & Oro

For the bride who adores classic elegance, this ethically-made solitaire ring is a refined choice. All Vrai and Oro rings are made with love in Downtown LA before being sent to you for a free home try-on.


Diamond Baguette Mini Equilibrium Ring†by Stone & Strand

Elegant but wearable, this exquisite diamond baguette ring is meant to be mixed, matched and stacked. Bonus: This one is available in both 14k yellow, white and rose gold. Choose Stone & Strand if you’d like personality and spunk to the max.



Double Diamond Ring†by Melissa Joy Manning

Melissa Joy Manning’s jewelry is edgier than your average engagement ring. Made entirely from recycled 18 karat gold and conflict free diamonds, you can wear each of her designs without guilt. This particular ring is made from a mix of yellow, red, clear blue, and green diamonds and is completely one-of-a-kind.


Athena Band†by Aili Jewelry

Named for the Greek goddess, the stunning Athena stacking band is pavť set with a mixture of baguette and round white diamonds in pure 18 karat gold. Aili Jewelry (‘light’ in Gaelic) was founded in 2012 with the intentions of interpreting beauty through the lens of light. All Aili jewelry is made in NYC from recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds.




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