4 Gardening Tips For Preventing Back Pain

Spending time in the garden is always a welcome activity after a long, cold winter. The sunshine feels good, and the fresh air brings hope for many enjoyable summer days to come. However, gardening can be exhausting, and if we are not careful, it might even be injurious.

The following are a few tips to keep your back in top shape as you spend long hours pulling weeds, hauling mulch and performing other yard-centered activities.

Stand up often

Although it might seem like wasted time when you have a full day of yard work planned, standing up every five minutes will give your back a much needed break.†When you spend too many hours slumped over your garden bed, it can be as bad for your spine as sitting slumped over in your recliner. So do yourself a favor and periodically stand up and stretch.

Drink water

Aside from keeping you hydrated, water also helps keep your joints and connective tissue properly lubricated. The looser you are, the better you will move, and this will make your task at hand a lot more enjoyable. Avoid stiff knees, a stiff neck and aching joints by sipping on water throughout your day.

Stretch it out

When you are working in your garden, most likely your knees are bent, your hips are flexed, and your spine is curved. Over time this can cause an uncomfortable tightness in your hamstrings, hip flexors and abdominal muscles. It is important to take time to stretch and lengthen these muscles either for a sustained amount of time at the end of the day, or for short bursts throughout the day.


Fresh air isnít just a joy to breathe in; it can actually give you a very energizing and uplifting boost. By taking several deep breaths in a row, you will refresh your mind and body enough to stay focused on your task. Deep breathing also helps you to burn fat as fuel, allowing you to have the energy to get more of the job done, not to mention help you with any weight loss goals you might have for the summer season.


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By Jill Lawson for DietsinReview.com


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I do stand up, stretch, and drink a lot of water when I garden, but I never thought about the breathing part before! Thanks - I will remember that next spring!

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Thanks for the information and i am sure that the tips that you have give are certainly going to help.Gardening itself is so rejuvenating that i can spend the whole day in the garden.After reading this information that it is helpful in the back pain,gives me another excuse to spend more and more time in the garden to be among the plants.

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Build raised garden beds out of anything material at least waist height or less that way your boxed bed is just the right height and therefore no bending. ;0)

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