4 Reasons You Should Really Read More

Hey, I get it. Between Netflix and picking up a Steinbeck novel, Netflix usually wins. But picking up a book on the regular will improve your life more than the internet ever could. Not only does it improve your ability to focus and concentrate, but reading novels is like medicine for your mind. Here are 4 reasons to ditch the screens and read more:

Inspire your creativity. Even if you’re just listening to an audiobook, novels allow your mind to be stimulated far more profoundly than sitting on your couch re-watching your favorite Netflix shows. Most television and internet shows simply do not stimulate the mind. In fact, they are quite draining on your creativity and motivation. Allow your mind to immerse itself into the details of novels—to build new and incredible worlds in your brain—rather than letting it steadily grow a greenish, dusty mold in front of a screen. Additionally, reading helps to boost your memory and improve cognition by building new synapses within the brain. Improve your thinking skills while enjoying yourself! Reading a book may be that mental jumpstart you’ve been searching for.

Build confidence. Not only will reading help you to expand your vocabulary, but it also pushes the bounds of your intelligence. Feeling more knowledgable, you’ll feel more ready for any challenges life tosses your way and feel more secure knowing that your mental growth is continuing, even well into adulthood and old age. The pursuit of knowledge is one of our greatest gifts. Once we become stagnant and stop learning, that is when our beings begin to deteriorate. Reading is an easy way to gain knowledge and growth at any age. And when we feel like we are growing and evolving, our confidence begins to build in the healthiest of ways.

Opened hardback book with fanned pages on blurred nature background

Diversify your perspective. Those who read often tend to be more empathetic than those who do not. Reading often seems to help us to figure out how others may or may not be thinking. Studies have shown that children who read more fiction have more developed empathy and social skills. Also, if nothing else, reading will show you just how little of the world you truly understand. Reading brings you to far-off lands; immerses you in unfathomable experiences; allows you to meet unexpected characters. It is humbling, once you start to read. It becomes clear just how much you haven’t experienced, no matter who you are. If nothing else, reading is an incredible way to broaden your perspective.

Reduce stress. Reading is a form of active relaxation. Sure, it can encourage you to lounge on the hammock in the sun all day, but reading activates your mind while still allowing it to unwind. In a sense, reading is like playtime for your brain. It is also a way to escape the stresses of your own life for a bit by immersing you in another world entirely. Take a good book into a hot bath on a regular basis and reap the rewards of relaxation and mental rejuvenation.

As easy as it is to get distracted by ubiquitous access to instant video entertainment, don’t let your books go by the wayside. Reading novels makes you a more dimensional, intelligent, balanced human being. It’s time to crack open that dusty novel you’ve been putting off and rekindle the love for reading that you’ve always had.

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This is good motivation to pick up the books I've been buying and stacking up. My current read is The Secret, in ebook format :p

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Love this article. I've loved to read since Go, Dog, Go.

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