4 Ways To Bring Love Into Your Life This Year

By Nina Atwood for YourTango.com.

Itís January, that time of year again when we set new intentions and goals. But are you setting the kind of goals that will bring love into your life this year? It turns out there are some “doís” and “doníts” that can make a huge positive difference as you set your goals for 2014, especially if youíre ready to find love:

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1. Be intentional. Itís far too easy to let another year drift by, taking no particular action, and hoping something will magically happen to improve your love life. Setting powerful intentions frames your mindset and stimulates new behaviors. Set intentions such as “I am open to new relationships,” and “I am committed to taking steps each week/month to meet new people and expand my social life.”

2. Hope is not a good strategy. Sitting around hoping that the pizza delivery guy will turn out to be Prince Charming is a formula for disappointment and a repeat of the year before. To make a positive change, you need 3 things: powerful intentions (“I will meet my soul mate this year.”), strong goals (“I will join two online dating services; I will go out to social events where I can meet new people at least twice every month”), and ACTION (do what you said you would do).

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3. Unpack your emotional baggage. Walking around with old pain, resentment, and regret is like painting a sign on your back that says “keep away unless you are also deeply damaged.” DONíT go on dates with new people while you are still swimming in emotional residue. Journal (see www.journalwithin.com), meditate, talk it over with friends, but do all these things with the aim of letting go of your baggage. Get professional help if you need it. DONíT let another day go by in which you invest energy in the past except for learning purposes.

4. DO get as healthy spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially as you can be in preparation for dating. DONíT go out to meet people hoping that someone else will magically fix your life. Fix it yourself first and youíll attract someone else who is healthy and whole.

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Bea Pujatti
Bea P4 years ago

Well, it comes down to the old "love yourself first". Which is always useful to remember, I think.

Anteater Ants
Anteater Ants4 years ago

Love an anteater!

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Shanti S.
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Thank you.

Mary B.
Mary F4 years ago

To all those who say they "don't need love"....GIVE ME A BREAK!

You're Higher Power, Inner Spark, God, Goddess, Creator, whatever you want to call it, gives it whether you want it, or think you don't need it!

It's UNCONDITIONAL & NON-RETURNABLE! Now all you gotta do is give that Inner Spark of yours to others!

Yeesh! What do you suppose the song, "This Little Light of Mine" means??

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Thank you :)

Natasha Salgado
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I have a lot of love around me--how can I not with my adoring 4 legged friends! Thanks

Mary T.
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thanks for the information..will flag the spammer...its good to have love

Laura Saxon
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I don't need love. Thanks for sharing, though.