5 Easy Exercises You Can Do If You Hate Working Out

Just because you hate working out doesn’t mean you can’t be in great shape. You only need to find easy and effective exercises you can do even when you’re not feeling motivated.

The problem with most workouts on the web is that they have the same old exercises. Yes, squats are effective but they’re not everyone’s cup of tea.

Below are easy exercises most beginners enjoy.

1. Arm Swings

Have you ever thought of working out while watching TV? This is one of those exercises you can do while watching your favorite show.

Feel free to do it while sitting if you’re feeling lazy but it’s more rewarding when you’re standing.

How to perform

Stand upright and spread your hands out to the side, keeping them parallel to the floor.

Bring both hands forward and then cross them. Such that the right arm touches the left shoulder while the left one touches the right shoulder.

Return the hands to starting position then swing them again. Perform the exercise at high intensity.

2. Front Leg Swings

Do you want to improve lower body strength and balance? If so, add leg swings to your routine.

How to perform

Stand beside a wall or pole then grab it with one hand.

Lift one leg off the floor and start swinging it back and forth.

Try to increase the range of motion after each rep. Do the same number of reps for each leg.

Once you gain balance, do leg swings without support.

3. Wall Push Ups

I’m willing to bet that you can do a few reps of wall push-ups no matter how unmotivated you feel.

How to perform

Stand two steps away from the wall and then place your hands on the wall at shoulder level.

Bend your elbow and bring your body toward the wall until your chin almost touches the wall.

Press back to starting position and repeat the movement. Stand farther from the wall to make the exercise challenging.

4. Lateral Hops

Many people avoid all exercises that involve jumping not realizing that these exercises keep the bones strong.

Unlike other high-intensity exercises like box jumps, lateral hops don’t put a lot of pressure on the bones and joints.

How to perform

Stand upright and keep your feet close together. Hop to the right side then quickly hop back to starting position.

Repeat this movement until you’re tired.

You can make this exercise more challenging by hopping faster or making wider hops.

5. Butt Kicks

You can do this exercise whenever you’re standing at home, in the office, or at the beach.

How to perform

Stand upright and then lift one leg off the floor. Quickly bend it back until its heel touches the butt.

Return it to starting position and then lift the other leg. Keep alternating the legs after each rep.


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