Feng Shui Begins at Your Front Door, 5 Key Tips

By Erica Sofrina, Author of Small Changes, Dynamic Results! Feng Shui for the Western World

The ancient art of Feng Shui is a wonderful study that brings together an eclectic mix of good interior design practices, the Chinese five element theory, Taoist principles of yin and yang based on the I Ching, and folk wisdom passed down from generation to generation in China.

At its foundation is the belief that everything on the planet is imbued with life-source energy, or chi, and that everything embodies consciousness and that we, as humans, are continuously interacting with everything we encounter. It is either feeding and inspiring us – expanding or increasing our energy – or doing the opposite and bringing our energy down.

Our homes are a compilation of the energy of the things in them, along with the energy of the people and animals that live there (and the energies of the past occupants). Since we spend so much time in our homes, the way they interact with our energy field is considered to have a powerful influence on our lives affecting our relationships, careers, prosperity and health. Creating a home that supports, uplifts and nurtures us is considered tantamount to creating a balanced, healthy and happy life.

The Entryway: The Mouth of Chi

In Feng Shui we always begin at the front door, which is considered the mouth of chi where all of our opportunities come to us. In a past article on How To Welcome Opportunities I address this. The next most important place is the foyer of the home.

5 Tips to Feng Shui Your Foyer

This is the transition area where we come in from the outer to the inner world. We want to make it “entrancing” no matter what kind of foyer we have.

Homes and apartments have a myriad of different entrances areas. Some encounter a wall as soon as they enter, some have no foyer and we literally fall into the living space, some have elaborate entrances with room to create an “entrancing” area.

Whatever your situation, think about creating breaks and accelerators, stopping the chi before it rushes into the home, and creating a positive first impression. You can do this by creating a beautiful area that allows us to pause and reflect, lifting our chi and inspiring us as we enter.

The foyer is considered our most public area and not a place to display personal items such as family photos or religious artifacts. Save these for the more private areas such family rooms.

1. This is the place to hang your most lovely artwork, put a graceful table beneath it. Arrange an attractive floral arrangement (silk is fine) with ornamental objects that are pleasing. If there is no room for any furniture, you can hang a shallow shelf on the entry wall and put your arrangements there. No matter what kind of entry way you have to work with, make sure it inspires and uplifts.

2. Putting an attractive mirror at the entry way is a gracious way to welcome in the chi. Just make sure it is not placed directly across from the front door or it will send the chi (often interpreted as money) right back out!

3. Insure that the door can open fully without encumbrances behind it. Front doors are considered very important in Feng Shui allowing in our opportunities and hence, money. We want to make sure there are no blockages here.

4. Clearly mark where people are to go if it is confusing. As creatures of comfort, we never like to feel confused when entering any space. You can use directional art, which will cause the eye to go in the direction you want guests to go.

5. Represent all of the five elements of water, fire, earth, metal and wood in your entryway. This will create an inspiring environment creating a sense of peace and well-being for everyone who enters. See my article on Applying the Five Elements to your Home.

Free Color Five Elements Map for Care2 readers : For those of you who would like to learn more about how to apply the five elements to your living space, I am offering my readers a free color copy of my Five Elements Map. Click here for your free copy (pdf format). For more information about Erica Sofrina and the programs she offers, you are invited to visit her web site at www.ericasofrina.com

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