5 Full Moon Rituals For Personal Wellness

This Monday, prepare for a spectacular lunar sight! The moon will be at its closest point to the earth since 1948, and as a happy coincidence, it will just happen to be a full moon as well. This phenomenon, known in recent years as a supermoon, can be quite an inspiring astrological occurrence, and this particular supermoon is extra-special because of its rarity.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, the moon will undoubtedly be gorgeous and worth some extra attention. But if you do look to the planets, sun and moon for spiritual or emotional guidance, you probably already know that full moons are known to bring out passionate feelings and equally impulsive behavior.

There’s more to the full moon than just that, though. Traditionally, the full moon is the time when we see the fruits of intentions we set back during the new moon (in this case, back on October 30). Because of this lunar cycle of intent, passion and manifestation, we might consider partaking in rituals at the new and full moons.

If you don’t already have a full moon ritual practice in place, this rare supermoon is a great time to start. Here are five secular, not-too-New-Agey ritual ideas to focus on your personal wellness this month.


Take the evening to open up your journal and reflect on the past month. Try to think back to the new moon (the day before Halloween). What was on your mind? Write it down, and ask yourself how you’ve grown over the past few weeks. When the next new moon comes around, you’ll use that opportunity to pull out your journal again, this time setting goals. But the full moon is the time to take inventory of what you’ve accomplished.

Since the full moon is a time of emergence, answer journaling prompts such as:

  • What did the “old me” do that held her back from success? Why did she choose to act that way?
  • Imagine your best self, and describe him thoroughly. This person has not been burdened by disappointment, failures or emotional pain, and is therefore free to act without fear.
  • Visualize your current life, focusing only on the positive aspects that you cherish. Write, in detail, about this idealized version of your own story.

Take a Bath

Take some time for self-care by drawing a warm bath. To help balance the full moon’s passionate, often reckless energy, scent your bath with calming scents such as lavender, sandalwood, cedar, peppermint or chamomile.

Disconnect from Technology

Make a plan to avoid social media and technology during the evening and night of the full moon. Your goal tonight will be to reap what you’ve sowed over the past few weeks, so you’ll want to focus on your accomplishments, rather than comparing yourself to others.

Plus, disconnecting from technology will give you more presence of mind to live in the moment. Whether you choose to go out with friends, stay in alone or spend the night with a partner or lover, disconnecting from technology will help you live in the moment and enjoy the moon’s tantalizing energy.

Clean Your Crystals and Sacred Objects

Okay, so this one item is a little woo-woo. But that’s alright, because it’s fun! If you collect crystals, you probably already know that now is the time to “cleanse” them — that is, allow them to bask in the moonlight all night, absorbing the new moon’s radiant energy. If you don’t collect crystals, there’s no harm in trying this with other important objects, such as statues, your favorite jewelry, and collectibles or mementos.

Purify Negative Thoughts With Friendly Fire

Finally, the full moon is a time to let go of the old you and embrace your future. Many people celebrate the new moon with a small, controlled fire that they use to let go of old beliefs and thoughts that are no longer serving them.

On a piece of paper, write down any kind of thought or belief about yourself that may be standing in your way. For example, maybe you often get down on yourself about your weight. Write down “I need to lose weight to feel beautiful,” take a few seconds to read the sentence back to yourself, and then put the paper into the flames. Allow your old, self-limiting beliefs to burn up right in front of your eyes, never to weigh you down again.


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good to reflect but don't spend your life looking back. Make plans. Take steps. Start in a simple logical place.

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