5 Great Essential Oils

These less-well-known options are antibacterial and combine well with massage oil or a light lotion.

1. Cypress. This vasoconstrictor can diminish the appearance of varicose veins over time if used everyday.
How to use it: Add 2 drops to a hot foot bath to control perspiration and odor; place 6 drops in a full bath for arthritis, asthma, and cramps; or blend 2 drops into 1 ounce of lotion and apply to skin.

2. Eucalyptus. Ideal for treating most respiratory problems and relieving muscle tension, eucalyptus loosens cold and flu congestion.
How to use it: To make a natural vapor rub, add 1 ounce melted beeswax to a 1 Ĺ cup sweet almond or vegetable oil; pour into small containers. Mix in 30-40 drops of essential oil per ounce of base, shake, let it harden, and apply to chest and back.

3. Geranium. Less expensive than rose oil, geranium relieves PMS symptoms, stress, and anxiety. It also helps clear up eczema, treats burns, and repels insects.
How to use it: Mix 5 drops into a hot bath or blend a few drops with lotion and apply to skin.

4. Jasmine. Use this anti-depressant oil to ease muscle pain, relieve tension and nervousness, and soothe coughs.
How to use it: Add 1-2 drops to a hot bath.

5. Mandarin. A mild sedative, mandarin has an uplifting effect and is safe for children.
How to use it: Add 7-10 drops to a bath; add 3 drops to humidifier water.

Source: Ingrid Martin, author of Aromatherapy for Massage Practitioners (Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2006).

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By Jessica Centers, Delicious Living


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Kimberly Hartsfield

Thanks for the info! I'm always eager to learn about more uses for essential oils.

Viola Horne
Viola Horne9 years ago

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Check out our Pain-Relieving Bath Salt with Eucalyptus, too. Wonderful for soaking in after a work out or to open clogged sinuses. Boosts immunity, too!

Amelia Cabral
Amelia Cabral9 years ago

I've used ylang ylang as an antihypertensive. Just be careful not to overdo! I read in bed and using a cotton swab, I rub a bit on my reading lamp; also good on pulse points. My aromatherapist suggested this oil.
Does anyone have the recipe for a hair scent called "Cleopatra's scent"? It used jasmine, which I find to be very expensive.