5 Habits to Stop for the New Year

The New Year is quickly approaching. That means new resolutions. So how did you fair on this past yearís resolutions? If you struggle with achieving what you desire, then itís time to change how you approach your resolutions.

Itís common for many to stop and start all kinds of things for the new yearóall at the same time. Your scattered attention canít keep straight up from down let alone your progress with nine different resolutions. So what if you made it easier for yourself? This year make an effort to stop one or two things. Yesóstop. No need to pick up a new habit. Simply come to a full stop.

Overeating Sugar

Sugar is like a demon child. All cute and innocent at the outset but insidious over time. You know this. We all know this. So itís time to put into action the valuable knowledge you have on hand. When it comes to quitting sugar that means being 100% honest with yourself about all the sources of sugar in your life.

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Yes, that flavored water has 15 grams of sugar. Your morning yogurt has 24 grams of sugar. And your all-natural snack bar has another 10 grams of sugar. That doesnít include the hidden sugar in recipes and sauces or even the obvious desserts and sweet treats.

How can you kick this habit? Get yourself an accountability partner. What I lovingly refer to as an “accountabili-buddy”. Stick to one treat a week. Eat it together or individually. But no other sugar besides that one treat. No added sugar. No extra treats. Just the one.

Tolerating Mediocre

Can you feel it? The sleepy haze that overshadows society. People are plugged into TVs, phones and video games rather than engaging with real lifeólike other people and themselves. We do the same things over and over again. Stay nice and neat inside our comfort zones. No boldness, no daring, no aliveness. This is tolerating mediocreóaccepting what is because itís whatís always been done.

Donít do this anymore. You only have one life. And whether youíre young or old, you deserve to make the most of what youíve been given here and now. How do you break out of tolerating mediocre? One small step a day. Do something outside your comfort zone. Do it every day for a year and see how your life changes.

Instead of the same olí family dinner for birthdays and celebrations, go somewhere together, somewhere different. Take a different route home from work. Try a new cuisine. Read a different genre of book. Or talk to a stranger.

Chasing Goals Without Feelings

Americans are hardworking and driven. And theyíve perpetuated the belief that you must go after the house, car, job and money to be happy. But thatís all kinds of backward. Itís really the other way around. First, get clear on how you want to feel. Then decide what goals are in alignment with that feeling.

Will accepting that job offer make you feel expansive or like you’re about to implode? Does owning a home light you up or make you feel like a prisoner? Discover your desired feelings and then set your goals. No more chasing goals without feelings.


Itís not okay that youíve worked the last ten days in a row while attending meetings for the city or your childís school and holding together your church small group. And all that is on top of keeping your house in order and being the family chef. You need more time off. Time to breathe. Room and space to let go. To release.

Over-scheduling is a habit for most hardworking individuals. Oftentimes guilt sets in when we spend too much time sitting or being alone. You have to move through that guilt and get to the other side. The side where it is safe to relax and do nothing. Thatís rightónothing.

Take stock: how much free time do you allow yourself each week? Guilt-free time? Do a time audit if you need to. And then stop doing things that donít light you up.

Buying unnecessary stuff

You really donít need 50 pairs of shoes, two kinds of hand mixers, 20 unitaskers, every gadget on the market or 100 decorations for every season and holiday. Stuff burdens your psyche. It occupies space, energy and time.

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You have to keep your stuff stored and organized. You have to clean it. You expend mental and emotional energy keeping track of the stuff or worrying if it gets stolen, lost or damaged. Stuff keeps you from what matters most in life. You work long hours to earn more to buy more space for all the extra stuff you plan to buy. Just stop buying stuff. Look at what you have. Declutter. Let go of what you donít need. And quit buying more stuff.

When you choose to drop habits that no longer serve you thereís room for new and unexpected experiences and results to flourish. The New Year is about a new you. You can start new habits that pile on top of all the other habits you have. Or you can take stock of all the habits you already have and let go of the ones that no longer serve you. Make it easy for yourself. Choose one of these five. And make a truly refreshing start to the new year.

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Marie W
Marie W5 months ago

thanks for sharing

natasha p
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Lesa D
Lesa D10 months ago

i find it is easier to replace a 'bad' habit with a 'better' or 'good' habit rather than just STOP!!!

thank you Paula...

Muff-Anne Y


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Winn A
Winn Adams10 months ago


Edgar Z
Edgar Zuim11 months ago

To handle sugar and stop buying unnecessary things is my goal, for sure.

Mona M
Mona M11 months ago

Speaking, doing, thinking without feelings should be stopped not just for the new Year but all the time. Thanks for your article.

Angeles M
Angeles M11 months ago

Thank you

Anne M
Anne M11 months ago

The only one there, that's a real problem,, is the sugar.. - Sugar is probably the hardest addiction out there... - I'm aiming to curb this hopefully, once and for all,, but it's a formidable foe..