5 Healthy Stocking Stuffers Under $25

Christmas stockings on a fireplace mantelLooking for some simple, practical, healthy gifts to stuff your stockings? Here’s our top 5 healthy stocking stuffers under $25. Throw in a cute reusable grocery bag and you’re good to go!


1. Stackable Lunch Pot

A vertical, airtight stacking system for lunch at the office or snacks to-go. The perfect alternative to plastic baggies or bulky Tupperware, and a great incentive to start taking your own healthy lunch or snacks to work come January 1!

2.Wakaya Perfection Ginger Powder

A perfect sampler size and one of the healthiest, most versatile gifts you can give this year. Print out one of these great recipes and include it with the ginger. It’s hard to go wrong with a gift that made Oprah’s list and the New York Times!

3. Citrus Zinger

Infuse your bottled water with lemons, limes, or oranges and get an extra boost of Vitamin C on the go!

4. Zen Salt Cube

This beautiful Himalayan salt cube turns everyday cooking into an art. Grate finely over edamame, ice cream, salads, grilled vegetables, or raw veggies.

5. Stackable Sampler Teas (Organic & Fair Trade)

These four-tin sampler sets come in Black Tea, Chai, Herbal, or a Variety set. Organic and Fair Trade certified, these perfect stocking stuffers are sure to warm up winter mornings.

Photo credit: Wakaya Perfection, Camptown

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Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago


Roger M.
Past Member 5 years ago

Good tips. Thanks.

Laurie D.
Laurie D5 years ago

My family prefers money to stocking stuffers or other gifts... some good ideas though.

Magdalen B.
Magdalen B5 years ago

That's the third recommendation/ advertisment for Wakaya ginger this week!

tiffany t.
tiffany t5 years ago

wow I must be cheap, the stocking stuffers I buy are toothbrushes, chapstick, all little stuff under 5 dollars

Chris C.
Chris C5 years ago

I have to laugh at the term "stocking stuffers". I always get a kick out of the shopping channel hosts remarking that this $20-$30 item would make a good "stocking stuffer". Makes me laugh - most people are on a BUDGET and I know, in my family, we get everyone one or 2 gifts...none of which are "stocking stuffers". I guess that's just another lovely old "tradition gone wild"! (Remember when stockings had penny candy in them and tiny items?)

Magdika Cecilia Perez

lovely thanks

Thorn Briar
Past Member 5 years ago

Thank you

Nicole Weber
Nicole W5 years ago

noted, thank you

Olivia S.
Past Member 5 years ago

Nice, thanks. I remember when the main gift cost $1 and the stocking stuffers came from the 10 Cent store and cost 10-25 cents each!