5 Ideas for a Healthy & Happy Halloween

Be prepared for a bevy of ghosts and goblins to appear at your doorstep this week. That’s right; it’s time once again for Halloween. The day that celebrates everything spooky and sweet is one of the more divisive of the major holidays. Most people either love it or hate it, and a fair amount would agree that it does get a little boring doing the same activities year after year. So we’ve come up with a few ways to make this year’s Halloween stand out from the rest.

Say No to Candy
Want to shake up Halloween in a big way? Try giving up candy. Commit to only consuming healthier treats and satisfying your sweet tooth with fruits and other naturally sweet foods. It isn’t as hard to do as it sounds, as long as you can stand up to the monstrous amount of candy currently in stores.

Get Creative with Leftover Candy
So maybe you can’t say no to candy completely. That doesn’t mean you have to eat it all. Indulge in a couple of pieces and then save the rest for post-Halloween fun. Sweets like Rice Krispy treats and Tootsie Rolls make excellent materials for creating candy covered sculptures.

Trick-or-Treat Non-Traditionally
Many organizations use Halloween as a way to collect donations for their causes. Most famous is Trick-or-Treat So Kids Can Eat by UNICEF. Find an organization near you that is hoping to collect money or food items over Halloween, get a group of friends together and do some good.

Visit a Local Attraction
You may consider yourself too old to trick-or-treat, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend Halloween at home. Many towns and cities have local haunted houses or other attractions that celebrate the season. Some are family friendly, while others are geared toward the harder-to-scare.

Have Fun Handing Out Treats
If you decide staying home on Halloween night is the best plan for you, make the most of it. It will be more fun for you and the trick-or-treaters if you add some extra pizzazz to your decorations or interaction with your guests. One year, my neighbor dressed as the Evil Queen from Snow White and handed out apples. To this day, that remains one of my favorite Halloween memories.



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