Can I Recycle This?

We all know to recycle our glass and plastic bottles, newspapers and cardboard boxes.† In addition to these, I bet most or all of the following list of recyclable items are in your home.† If you’re not using them, why not get rid of them in a way that takes care of the earth and helps others, while decluttering your lovely home.

  1. Metal coat hangers: If you dry clean at all, these hangers can easily accumulate in your home.† Return them to the dry cleaner to be recycled.† Most will accept and reuse them.† Even banged up ones are likely to be returned to the supplier or sent to a scrap metal dealer.
  2. Telephone directories:† It seems I get a new, unnecessary, five pound directory every couple of months.† Many of us never use these phone books; the internet or a call to Directory Assistance is very convenient, with the bonus of sparing us of paper cuts.† If you want to keep a phone directory around, determine which one is most useful to you, then dump the rest with your other recyclable mixed paper items.
  3. Old eyeglasses: Here’s a case where one woman’s trash is truly another’s treasure.† And that treasure is the gift of sight. This gift can be enjoyed by the visually impaired in developing countries when you donate your old eyeglasses to a charity that distributes them to those who otherwise would not be able to buy them.† To donate your old glasses, check out New Eyes for the Needy, the Lions Club, or visit your local LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, or Goodwill store, most of which have drop off boxes.
  4. Milk and juice cartons: Have you ever been confused about what to do with these paper cartons?ā Are they or are they not recyclable?† These cartons, made of mixed materials (mostly paper), fall under the category of paperboard.† Not all municipalities recycle paperboard, but most of us have access to facilities that do.† If you visit Earth911, you can find out if and where this material is recycled in your community.
  5. Aluminum foil: Just like cans, aluminum foil can be recycled.† However, this is another item that may or may not be recycled in certain areas. Again, check out Earth911 to find out if it is where you live.† If so, instead of dumping used foil in the trash, rinse it with cold water if it has food on it, then stick it in your recycle container.


Loesje vB
Loesje Najoan3 years ago

Very informative about recycles. Thank you Terri for sharing.

Vinz Dela
Vinz Dela4 years ago

I've read the same thing at Accent on Eyes. Really cool stuff

Kathy G.
Kathy G4 years ago

Good to know

xu Min
xu Min6 years ago

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Sandy D.
Sandy Davitian6 years ago

Thank you very much.

Kamryn M.
Kay M6 years ago


Millie B.
Millie B6 years ago

We have a Lion's eyeglass donation box in the breakroom where I work. I know I have a few pairs of glasses that I can donate, so I will round them up and donate them tomorrow. My dry cleaner takes the metal hangers and the plastic wrap that covers the clean clothes. Our phone directories (which we receive every few months from different sources) go easily into our curb-side recyle bins. The recycling makes a HUGE difference in what goes to the landfill as I witness every 2 weeks when I put out my recycling.

Harry H.
Harry Hill6 years ago

What a blessing it would be if plastic medicine prescription bottles could be recycled......there must be a gazillion of them taking up space on this planet; I personally have a LARGE bag full of them. So if anyone has info on this I'd like to hear about it.

Mark M.
Mark M.6 years ago

Cool info rubbish removal does not mean its rubbish anymore!!

Joyce Squillante
Joyce S7 years ago

The thing about metal hangers is interesting. I have so many that I just have lying around because - well, I don't know why, since we don't dry clean - and I never use them because they're too flimsy to hold up my clothes...