5 Natural Ways to Get Thicker Lashes

I once had long, luxurious lashes that framed my blue eyes. Then, year by year, my lashes thinned,dropping like the proverbial flies. For a while, I painted Latisse on my lashes each night, and they grew like topsy. At one point, they were so long and thick, that I had to trim them so they wouldn’t brush against my glasses each time I blinked.

I loved having great lashes again, but wasn’t wild about spending about $100 a month for the pharmaceutical lash grower. So I stopped, and like Cinderella at midnight, my lashes returned to their former, scraggly selves.

Eyelashes naturally thin with age as eyelash follicles, like hair follicles, slow or stop producing new lashes. But the way we treat our lashes affects their lusciousness, too. Scrubbing, poor diet, and some medications can make lashes fall out and become harder to replace.

Here are natural ways to preserve the lashes you have and aid new growth.

1. Groom Correctly: Brush eyelashes daily with an eyelash/brow comb or a clean mascara wand. Condition eyelashes by applying a drop of vitamin E oil to the brush, then comb from the base to the tip of eyelashes.

2. Remove Eye Makeup Thoroughly: Completely remove eye makeup daily, but avoid harsh scrubbing and pulling.

3. Apply Olive Oil: Olive oil is known to strengthen and stimulate eyelash growth. Put a few drop of olive oil on a Q-Tip, coat lashes, let set for a few minutes, then rinse.

4. Add These Vitamins: Vitamins B, D and E are said to promote lash growth and strengthen lashes. If you’re not eating enough foods with these essentials leafy greens, eggs, asparagus then consider taking a multivitamin daily. Also, consider a biotin supplement, which aids hair, skin and nail growth.

5. Coat with Castor Oil: At bedtime, coat lashes with a top-grade, cold-pressed castor oil, then sleep. Wash off the castor oil in the morning.

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Frances G
Frances G2 months ago


Chelsey B
Chelsey B.6 months ago

I'm basing my review off of my sisters experience. She has been using dermalmd eyelash serum for 6 months and her lashes are SO long and thick. I couldn't wait to get my own after she told me her secret.

Aaron F
Past Member about a year ago

Take Primrose oil...loaded with fatty acids for thickness and shine...so says the lady of the home...

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Elaine W1 years ago

Noted with hope.

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Thank you Lisa.

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Share the beauty with our environment

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Thanks. I'll try this

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thank you.

Morrigna Pavietre

Coconut Oil is great for lashes too! Also there are mascaras that nourish the lashes naturally like 100% Pure, Devita, Pacifica Perfumes or Physician's Formula (in the white container)

Becka T.
Becka T4 years ago

Thank you