5 Popular Weight Loss Strategies that Don’t Work

You feel confused.

When you embarked on your weight loss journey, you thought you could just follow advice from popular blogs and magazines, right? Just “eat less and exercise more,“ and you thought the excess weight would come off effortlessly.

But in reality, you find yourself in agony.

You have cut back on sugary foods. You try to squeeze exercise into your busy days. But you can’t see a difference when you look in the mirror, and the number on the scale isn’t encouraging either.

You wonder if it’s your metabolism. You wonder if it’s your genetics. You wonder if you were just born to be overweight.

Well, I have good news for you. It’s not that you can’t lose weight and keep it off. You’re probably using ineffective strategies that somehow still pop up online as effective ways of losing weight.

5 Popular Weight Loss Strategies that Don't Work

Weight Loss Strategies that Don’t Work

Instead of throwing in the towel on your weight goal completely, throw in the towel on these ineffective strategies and start losing weight with what works.

Strategy #1: Avoid Carbs to Lose Fat

You’ve been told that carbs are the enemy and if you avoid them you’ll lose fat. There’s some truth to this. Research has linked refined carbs, such as sugar and refined grains, to weight gain.

However, this doesn’t mean that all carbs trigger weight gain. Whole foods that are high in healthy carbs, such as sweet potatoes, oats, and quinoa can actually enhance your weight loss.

What to Do Instead: Instead of avoiding all carbs, cut back on refined carbs and increase your intake of whole carbs. In fact, whole carbs can help you curb hunger (thanks to the fiber content), which is one of the biggest challenges when maintaining a calorie deficit.

Strategy #2: Use Supplements to Lose Weight

Research shows that 34 percent of people trying to lose weight have used a dietary supplement for weight loss at some point in their life. Sadly, while some supplements have been shown to have a modest effect of appetite and metabolism, most of them never help people reach their weight goal.

Supplements promise massive results, but they tend to fail terribly when studied. In fact, researchers argue they work for some people because of the placebo effect.

What to Do Instead: Most supplements are useless and a waste of money. Instead of relying on them, work on building healthy habits. Making minor changes in your diet, like increasing the intake of plant-based foods or drinking water before meals, can offer you better results than any supplement can.

Also, most supplements have severe side effects, with some even linked to death.

Strategy #3: Exercise More to Lose Weight

Listen, you don’t need to do one-hour workouts several times a week to lose weight.

Yes, exercise is vital for weight loss. It promotes muscle growth. It speeds up metabolism. And keeps us energetic. However, long workouts are not necessary or ideal for most of us. They require lots of time and willpower.

What to Do Instead: Instead of doing long workouts three or four times a week, do short workouts every day. Short workouts can be extremely rewarding if they have the right exercises and are performed at high intensity. More importantly, they don’t require a lot of willpower or motivation. You can do them even when you’re feeling lazy and unmotivated.

My YouTube channel has simple home workouts you can start doing right away.

Strategy #4: Go Vegan to Lose Weight Automatically

Going vegan offers plenty of health benefits, but automatic weight loss isn’t one of them. You still need to avoid processed food and maintain a calorie deficit to lose weight.

Nowadays, there’s a lot of vegan junk food. In fact, it’s possible to go vegan and never touch a single vegetable.

What to Do Instead: Whether you’ve gone vegan for health or ethical reasons, you need to pay close attention to the foods you eat. Avoid processed vegan foods. Get at least 80 percent of your calories from unprocessed foods.

Strategy #5: Eat Many Small Meals to Lose Weight

This is one of those weight loss myths that won’t die. Top publications continue to advise readers to eat small meals to keep metabolism elevated, stay full for longer and lose weight faster. Research has thoroughly debunked this myth by proving that small meals don’t improve satiety or enhance weight loss.

What to Do Instead: Pay closer attention to the amount of calories you consume in a day and less attention to meal timing. You can lose weight eating once a day or six times a day, as long as you maintain a calorie deficit. Just find an eating schedule that works for you.

You’re probably thinking that you would have already attained your ideal weight had you known this earlier. Sadly, we can’t change the past, but you can still reach your weight goal. You just need to ditch popular weight loss strategies that don’t work and lean into these new strategies that can actually help you. Then sit back, and watch the number on the scale drop week after week.


Amparo Fabiana C
Amparo Fabiana C12 days ago

All these shakes and smoothies supplements are only for women that need to lose a few pounds, the ones that need more lbs never reach their goal, because it is not realistic.

Amparo Fabiana C
Amparo Fabiana C14 days ago

Thank you, great info. I am trying to be plant based limited animal based on my diet more raw veggies and healthy carbs, less processed vegan meals. Count calories.

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balance is important

Christine S

Eat mostly healthy foods, some comfort foods, don't eat too much of either, get some exercise...

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David C
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thanks, do your best