5 Products You Should Stop Buying Now

If you want to save money and stop supporting mega-corporations, try making these 5 do-it-yourself items instead. Even if you cannot make them on a regular basis, these 5 DIYs are fun and educational projects (you can even get your kids in on the action), and stocking up on local supplies can support small businesses and your local economy. Check out these 5 to start…

Cleaning supplies. When you add everything up, cleaning supplies are expensive — glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, all-purpose, oh my! What’s worse? The more ubiquitous brands are usually pretty toxic to both your family and the environment. So, why not save some bucks and your health — make your own cleaning supplies! It’s simple; it’s easy; it’s far more eco-friendly and affordable than its mass-produced cousins. Plus, you can add personalized essential oils to make yours smell amazing. To get started, check out this simple recipe list straight from Care2.

Cosmetics. It can be difficult to figure out what exactly is in your cosmetics and even more difficult to track their origins. Even the more expensive, luxury brands can have skeletons in their closets. Luckily, it is extremely easy to make your own lotions, cleansers, and soaps at home with quality ingredients. Try these homemade sugar scrubs, and this facial cleanser to start. Buying oils and whatnot in bulk helps to keep these recipes cost effective. The best part of this is you can experiment to find the concoction that works best for your skin. It is custom made specifically for you!

Tomato sauce. No more BPAs! Canned tomatoes are one of the absolute worst sources of BPAs, as the acidity of the tomatoes causes the BPA to leech into the contents in greater quantities. The solution — simmer up your own tomato sauce at home when tomatoes are fresh and plentiful. You don’t have to get fancy; the ripeness of the tomatoes (local of course) will lend a lovely flavor to even the simplest sauce — like a sun-sweetened garden flowing over your pasta. What’s even better is you can jar it or freeze it for use in those deep, dark, desolate months, like February, ahem. Here is a simple recipe to start, delicious results guaranteed.

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Dog treats. There have been far too many incidents of dogs getting sick or dying from mass produced food products. Do your pup a favor and make him or her their own special treats. It can be as simple as dehydrating cheap scraps of meat into jerky treats or throwing on the apron and baking crafty cookie confections.

Candles. Making your own candles is easy, fun and romantic. My boyfriend and I regularly buy chunks of local beeswax to melt down and dip into free form tapers. I am sure there are better, tidier ways to make smooth candles, but each of these is a unique, hands-on creation, perfect for date night.Check out this how-to for instructions and the benefits of beeswax candles. Not into the idea of hand-dipped? Fill a jar with melted wax and the wick to create your own candle-in-a-jar!

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Try these recipes with your kids or your loved one! They are fun alternatives to the toxic, expensive options on mainstream shelves, and definitely more sustainable. Most importantly, have fun!


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Some good tips there...just finding the time to try them. Although I do have to say that store bought items can also be worthwhile....and sometimes less messy! Just depends what's in them though :-)

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There was canned food before there was BPA wasn't there? Surely the canneries could find an alternative lining for their cans?

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is there something wrong with store bought candles?

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I kept hearing that tomato sauce was good for you. Now I find out it has some weird
chemical in it.