5 Reasons Yoga is Not Just for Hipsters

Yoga has become so incredibly fashionable nowadays that many people join in just to become a part of “the scene.” But yoga is so much more than a class — it is an experience, a mindset, a lifestyle. You do not have to have Gumby-like flexibility or become a serious juicer to embrace the benefits of yoga practice. There are so many different varieties of yoga — from vinyassa to kripalu — that it is an ideal, personal practice for absolutely anyone with the will. If you are a little tense and out of touch with yourself, here are 5 reasons that you should give yoga a try.

Exude positivity. People who truly practice yoga are overwhelmingly positive beings. Surrounding yourself with these people and incorporating yoga into your day can lift your spirits and change your perspective on life. If you are a chronic pessimist, yoga could rock your world!

Gain confidence. Yoga can give you a boost of self-confidence and help you to regain control of your metal and physical clutter. Not only does it calm your mind, but it tones and lengthens your body. It can bring peace to the little voices inside your head and free you to just BE YOURSELF.

Less stress. Ooze into a downward-facing dog, take a step back from your problems, and consider the big picture. Through the conscious breathing and meditation of consistent practice, situations you once found hair-pulling-ly stressful will soon seem far more manageable. Learn to breath deeply.

Eat healthier. Nothing is worse than eating a greasy burger and fries after an intense yoga class. Scratch that — reverse it. Nothing is worse than an intense yoga class†after eating a greasy burger and fries. With continued practice, yoga makes your body feel so wholesome and healthy, you’ll think twice before you fill it with unhealthy junk foods.

Get to know your body. Incredibly, your body is slightly different every morning you wake up. Some days, you may be a little tighter, some days you may feel heavier, some days you may feel superhuman, et cetera. Consistent practice of yoga helps you to understand the intricacies of your body and give it the tender love and care it needs to be healthy and safe. After all, it is your body and it’s the only one you’ve got.

Keep in mind, not everyone loves yoga — and thatís OK. Perhaps it is not for you right now. But by keeping your mind and body open to new possibilities, you will discover the activity that brings you joy and wholeness. Maybe it will be yoga; maybe it wonít. Regardless, you will never know until you give it a good try.

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Yoga really helps in health and thoughts improvement

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I wonder how all those that quit because it was too difficult feel, I'm certain none of these things.

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Absolutely!! Yoga is great for so many reasons!

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