5 Reasons You Should Switch to Beeswax Candles

My mother is one of those really rad people who went back to college after raising her kids. Because she was studying architecture and design, she opted into some very interesting green living and building classes. In one of them, she learned about how badly polluted the air inside our house can be Ė itís so bad that the pollution inside our house can be worse than outside!

This became more of a problem once we learned how to better insulate our homes, but we also use an unfortunate amount of toxic products in our home as well. And that doesnít help anything or anyone. One of the worst offenders, she learned, for indoor air pollution is the run-of-the-mill candle.

Yes, people, thatís right. The cozy little candle you light every evening is polluting your air.

Thankfully, there is an easy solution to this problem Ė switch to beeswax candles. Here are five reasons you wonít regret that decision.

1. Unlike the typical candle, beeswax candles donít pollute your air. You can light them with peace of mind.

2. Not only that, but some people believe that beeswax candles can actually help purify your indoor air. Candles made of 100 percent beeswax supposedly give off negative ions when burned, which neutralize bad ďpositive ionsĒ such as allergens, dust, and air borne toxins. To make them also gently scent your room, drop a couple drops of essential oils into the warm wax around the flame. Itís a lovely way to infuse a room with scent.

3. While beeswax candles are typically more expensive per candle, they generally are much more cost-efficient when you consider their burning time. Granted, they wonít compare in price to the 100 pack of tea light candles at the dollar store, but when you compare them to some of the popular scented candle companies out there, you will realize that beeswax candles often have a better cost per burn time.

4. They also give off a delicious, faintly honey-like smell, which is lovely and soothing.

5. And finally, it can help support the incredibly important work of U.S. beekeepers! Many of the local beekeepers in my area also make beeswax candles and offer them for sale in local stores and farmers markets. Itís just another way to support not only your local economy, but also support healthier bee colonies.

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article written by Kimi Harris


Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Vicky B.
Vicky B4 years ago

I light candles to provide a nice soothing and relaxing atmosphere but I do often just buy the cheap ones. I agree that beeswax candles sound much better quality than the average candles I use so that might be a god reason to switch, although the Yankee candles are my favourite. Thank you for sharing this article.

Jane R.
Jane R4 years ago

I don't burn candles. I do not want my ceiling stained from smoke.

Klaus Peters
Klaus Peters4 years ago

Thanks for the info, might just give it a go.

Dale O.

Candles are marvellous, especially when the power goes out. I love the aroma of beeswax.
Have not tried soy candles. As long as they are organic and no GMO.

JL A4 years ago

good to know

Interstellar Daydreamer
Sky Price4 years ago


Interstellar Daydreamer
Sky Price4 years ago

agreed. ive made these before

Natasha Salgado
Past Member 4 years ago

I have to agree with a few others on here--Soy candles are better. Thank you

Val M.
Val M4 years ago