5 Red Hot Secrets Every Visionary Must Know

Are you a visionary?

You know you’re a visionary if:

  • You sense that something’s wrong with the world and long to be part of the solution
  • You’re doing it, you’re part of the solution and your aching to get it into the world in a bigger way
  • You experienced a life-altering event that changed everything for you, and now you want to use that experience to help others
  • You’re fed up with living an unremarkable life where you trade your soul for a paycheck – and now you’re ready to do something meaningful with your life
  • You have an innovative idea that might make the world a better place
  • You’ve found your calling, you know what you’re here on this earth to do, and you’re ready to light a fire under your mission.
  • You have this longing in your heart and you’re tired of being the best kept secret
  • The tribe you yearn to serve hasn’t found you yet
  • You’ve put your heart, soul, and bank account into spreading your message and you can’t keep giving without getting something in return
  • You’ve quit your day job or invested your savings into pursuing your passion but your business isn’t really a business yet because it’s not paying the bills
  • You know you have a book in you – or you’ve written it but nobody’s read it – and you’re not sure how to bring the message of your book to the world
  • You’d love to be on stage, spreading your visionary message, but nobody’s paying you to speak

But life isn’t always easy for us visionary types. Being a visionary in service to healing the world in your own unique way is NOT for the faint of heart. If you’re on the visionary path that Joseph Campbell calls the “hero’s journey,” you may have to slay some dragons along the way.

Wake Up Call Coach, Amy Ahlers, and I just delivered a webinar yesterday, giving it up for visionaries who want to rock their businesses and fire up their message, money, and meaning in the world. Twitter has been exploding ever since with people thanking us for all the content we delivered in our 90 minute free webinar.  For those of you who missed it, here are some highlights!

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5 Red Hot Secrets

RED HOT SECRET #1 The simple thing that quadrupled my newsletter subscriber list in 1 month (if you’re not doing this right now, you’ll honestly have a “no duh” moment!)

Put your newsletter opt in box with a fabulous FREE gift above the fold on your website – NOW. You’ll want it either in the top right hand corner of your website or all the way across the top right under your banner. I spent two years with my newsletter sign up just saying “sign up for my newsletter,” and it was totally buried below the fold. When I added a free gift in exchange for people giving me their email addresses on the upper right corner of my website, I turned my newsletter list from 1,200 people (after two years!) to 4,000. Now it’s over 15,000… All from making one simple change.

RED HOT SECRET #2 The mistake Amy almost made that would have cut her book sales in half (this is so simple you’ll flip out!)

Don’t sell books. Start a movement with an ambassador program. Amy invited people to become an Inner Super Star ambassador by buying 3 or more books and spreading the word. And they did! And her book became an Amazon bestseller!

RED HOT SECRET #3 The one thing my agent challenged me to do that changed everything

Figure out the one message you can spend the rest of your life talking about. Don’t publish your first book without knowing the answer, and if you’ve already published books and they haven’t been bestsellers, pull back, answer this question, and try again. Don’t publish a book just because you can. Wait until you know you’ve got something super juicy that will keep your attention for a lifetime. Then go write that book! Figure out what you would speak about if you were offered 18 minutes on a TED stage. Get to the pearl of what your visionary message is all about. It just might change everything, like it did for me. What is the message YOU can spend the rest of your life talking about?

RED HOT SECRET #4 The best way to turn your sheroes and heroes into business partners and friends

If you want to be BFFs with your sheroes & heroes, give first before asking for anything. Most people who want to network with their mentors show up by asking first – usually in an ineffective way, like sending a gushing 5 page email that ends with “I love your work – we should collaborate some day.” PLEASE – don’t do that! Show up with how you can serve your mentor. Offer to interview her for a blog post about the program she’s launching.  Do a teleseminar to help him launch his next book.  If you have skills that might help, offer your services. Then – once you’ve developed a relationship, you can make the ask, but as Danielle LaPorte suggests in her upcoming book The Firestarter Sessions, make the ask in two paragraphs or less! And be crystal clear with what you’re asking – no beating around the bush.

RED HOT SECRET #5 The sneaky secret to hitting the Amazon bestseller list with your book or future book (this insider secret will flip you out!)

Presales, presales, presales. NOT on Amazon! Generate presales of your books via your live events, on your website, and in packages and bundles with other products. Collect the money ahead of time, and then on your launch day, make the orders from Amazon all at once (Amy will be giving up the exact strategy for this to our students at our new business school for visionaries Visionary Ignition Switch, which we just launched. WOOT!)

To hear the last 5 Red Hot Secrets, sign up here to listen to the replay of our telejam!

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When you do, you’ll learn:

Red Hot Secret #6 The secret to generating tens of thousands of dollars during your book launch (instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars like most authors)

Red Hot Secret #7 One easy way to stop trading dollars for hours or monetize your blog (so simple you may even LOL!)

Red Hot Secret #8 The surefire way to train people to NOT buy things from you (please stop doing this immediately)

Red Hot Secret #9 Why e-zines could be costing you thousands (and what to do instead)

Red Hot Secret #10 The easiest way to quadruple your twitter following (you’ll love this simple technique)

Amy and I have so much to share and we’re so super passionate about helping visionaries realize not just their vision for healing and changing the world, but for growing a sustainable, thriving business, that we’re giving it all up in our new program Visionary Ignition Switch and we sincerely hope you’ll join us!

Did that help?

Tell us what has helped you realize your visionary dreams. Leave your useful tips and guidance in the comments!

Lighting a fire under visionaries everywhere,


Lissa Rankin, MD: Founder of OwningPink.comPink Medicine Woman coach, motivational speaker, and author of What’s Up Down There? Questions You’d Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend and Encaustic Art: The Complete Guide To Creating Fine Art With Wax.

Artwork/Photo Credit: Allison Crow, Intuitive Coach and Visual Thinker at Crow Hill Conversations.

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I meet the definition, but visionary sounds too high-falooten for what I am!

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Lydia Price

Write about what you know and is your passion. Many authors aren't appreciated until after they're long gone.

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I thought we we talking about doing something for the world and what I find is we are talking about selling books. No thanks.

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Yep A visionary is indeed what I am! No question about it. However a visionary without action is reduced to simply a dreamer........OK, if you like to sleep your life away.

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what on earth can you afford to give away to 15,000 people for free?

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