5 Resources for Packing a Better Lunch

Now that the school year is officially in full swing, do you need some school lunch ideas to spice up your kid’s lunch box? Here are some places to find school lunch inspiration!

Even if you don’t have a kid in school, chances are you need to eat lunch, too. The resources below are just as handy for packing grown-up lunches to help you eat healthier and save some money if you work outside of your home.

Do you feel like youíre packing your kid the same PB&J or hummus sandwich day after day after day? I think that my son might stage some sort of coup if he sees another hummus on wheat with avocado slices and sweet potatoes on the side. If you’re experiencing a packed lunch rut, I’ve rounded up a few resources for school lunch ideas to help you break out and jazz things up!

5 Packed Lunch Resources

1. Fancy Sandwiches

Sandwiches are easy. I like easy. But easy doesnít have to mean boring! Check out these meatless sandwiches to help you ditch the PB&J.

2. Pinterest

Our sister site Feelgood Style has an awesome Healthy Kids Pinterest board that’s packed with school lunch ideas.

3. Bento Tips

You donít have to go super elaborate to pack a cute bento lunch. Check out these 5 tips to get you on the bento train.

4. Go DIY

Sometimes just sprucing up the lunchbox can help you get back into the creative school lunch mindset. Try some of these waste-free lunch tutorials and say goodbye to paper napkins, brown bags, and plastic baggies.

5. Consult a Cookbook

Jennifer McCannís Vegan Lunch Box is packed with inspirational school lunch ideas. Even if your kids arenít vegan, you can work her recipes into their lunchboxes!

What are your favorite places to find school lunch ideas? Iíd love to hear your tips in the comments!


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Nothing wrong with treating your food with elegance. Helps with appreciation. Thanks.

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One lunch that we used to pack for the girls was rice with veggies and chick peas. This was one of their favourite lunches:))

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