5 Sound Healing Practices You Can Do at Home

Sound healing is an ancient craft, but you can easily demystify the process and bring it into your home for anxiety or stress relief.

What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is an ancient ancient practice to improve health and wellness of mind, body, and spirit. People like the Native Americans and ancient Egyptians utilized sound to heal the sick – whatever form of sick it was: mental, physical, or spiritual. Many eastern religions have done the same and still do so today.

Sound healing need not be so esoteric and woo-woo, though. While the science is limited, there are some studies that show the benefits of music as therapy for anxiety and pain. You can easily add any of the following practices into your own self care regimen to improve your health too.

5 Sound Healing Practices

1) Singing Bowls

Singing bowls first entered the scene around the time of Buddha. The sounds produced from the bowls were used to assist practitioners into a deep meditative state.

You may be more familiar with the bowls used in this wellness practice when it’s in its upright position as a bell. When you subtract the clapper (the ball in the middle that hits the side wall) and put the bell upside-down you have a standing bell, otherwise known as a singing bowl.

You can purchase a singing bowl online or at your local holistic shop. You can choose from a variety of notes. If you seek to heal a certain chakra, then you choose a note based on that chakra:

  • Root chakra = Note C
  • Sacral chakra = Note D
  • Solar Plexus chakra = Note E
  • Heart chakra = Note F
  • Throat chakra = Note G
  • Third eye chakra = Note A
  • Crown chakra = Note B

Sound healing is an ancient craft, but you can easily demystify the process and bring it into your home for anxiety or stress relief.

2) Tingsha

Tingsha are two small cymbals attached by a leather cord. When held by the cord and clinked together the cymbals reverberate with a high pitched note. The vibrations are said to clear the air and create a healing space.

This sound healing practice is often used in combination with the singing bowls. You can use tingsha to center yourself prior to sitting for meditation, enjoying a bath, or journaling.

3) Vocal

For no price at all, you can use one of the most handy sound healing tools available today: your voice.

It doesn’t matter whether you can sing or not. If you can make sound (talk), then you can use your voice. Try the following sounds (which coordinate with certain chakras) to balance your energy system, promote relaxation, and open your senses.

  • Root chakra = ”uh” as in “up.”
  • Sacral chakra = ”ooo” as in “too.”
  • Solar Plexus chakra = ”oh” as in “so.”
  • Heart chakra = ”ah” as in “saw.”
  • Throat chakra = ”i” as in “fly.”
  • Third eye chakra = ”aye” as in “play.”
  • Crown chakra = ”eee” as in “see.”

When you start at the root and ascend, you’ll go from a deep guttural sound to a high pitched sound. You can circulate your energy and direct your focus to the parts of your body that’s most in need of healing.

Whether it’s anxiety, stress, pain, injury, or disease, you can use your voice to circulate your own energy, love, and attention to the parts of the body that need it the most.

4) Solfeggio Scale

An old but popular method of sound healing is the Solfeggio scale. It was first used in the Gregorian chants. The scale itself has a basis in Pythagorean theorem – ie. math.

This mathematical basis combined with the power of vibration has given this scale its healing power.

There’s no study that says this scale is more powerful than any other sound healing method, but it is one tool among many that you can use at home. Unless you play an instrument, it will be hard to use the scale yourself. The best way to make use of this sound healing method is through pre-recorded tracks. What’s the best place you can go for this music? YouTube. But provided below is a song.

5) Nature Sounds

Do you remember when you were at your last spa appointment and the lobby had rainforest sounds playing over the speakers? Nature’s healing powers aren’t limited to your backyard or favorite park. When you bring the sounds inside, you can experience almost immediate relief from stress or agitation.

One study showed a significant difference for the better between participants who received the healing sounds of nature and those that didn’t.

Open your window to hear the birds chirping, wind blowing, or rain falling. Or you can listen to nature sounds on your earbuds while at work. Don’t hesitate to use this simple but powerful sound healing method to reduce your stress and anxiety.

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