5 Super Cute Sawhorse Tables

The sawhorse table, we can pretty much universally agree, is a classic craft project that’s super simple to put together. Just slap something flat (a door, a sheet of plywood, a plank) across two sawhorses, and hey, presto! But some people take it to a whole new level, and when they do, the results are kind of amazing. Check out these five fantastic sawhorse tables showcasing the very best of DIY.

Photo: Donna @ Funkyjunk Interiors/Hometalk.
Photo: Donna @ Funkyjunk Interiors/Hometalk

This Canadian blogger used old sawhorses, a ladder, and pallets to create a rustic, funky, and also very functional long work table where she can set out the projects she’s working on and have plenty of room to work. Donna’s great sense of aesthetic really shines here; wait until you see the rest of her house!

Photo: Shanty 2 Chic/Hometalk.
Photo: Shanty 2 Chic/Hometalk.

Finish carpenters in Dallas should be impressed by this chic take on the sawhorse table, which was built for, wait for it, $50! If you want the rustic note but you don’t want to go too funky, this is a great compromise, and it looks stellar.

Photo: Elaine A./Hometalk.
Photo: Elaine A./Hometalk.

Pining for a sawhorse table but working with limited space? This sweet abbreviated version offers the classic look in a fraction of the space, and still manages to be quite functional.

Photo: Tammy H/Hometalk.
Photo: Tammy H/Hometalk

It’s summer, which means I can’t be the only one who wants to lounge outside, but you need a table for all your snacks, drinks, and more. And that table had better have a spot for a sun umbrella to protect your delicate skin from all that UV. Bring on the sawhorse umbrella table, a durable and adorable piece of outdoor furniture.

Photo: Donna @Funkyjunk Interiors/Hometalk.
Photo: Donna @Funkyjunk Interiors/Hometalk.

Can you spot the sawhorse? Great end-of-bed storage in a luscious rustic bedroom with lots of light, airy summer colors. See what I mean about Donna having amazing taste?

If you’re working with remodeling contractors on upgrades to your home, it’s worth taking a moment to think about how what you think is junk might just become supercool furniture.

By Katie Marks for Networx.com.


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