5 Lesser-Known Careers With Animals

If youíre an animal lover and youíre thinking about a career change or just starting to consider what to do with your life, why not spend most of your waking hours with something you are passionate about? If that sounds good to you, maybe you should think outside the box. There are plenty of ways you can make a living being around animals. Letís take a look at some of the lesser known careers:

animal therapy

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1. Animal-Assisted Therapist

Our connection with animals runs deep. They donít just make us happy, but healthier as well. Research shows that animals have a calming effect, which in turn helps people with high blood pressure, depression, or anxiety issues.

Animal-Assisted Therapists have an expert knowledge of how animals can improve mental and physical conditions in humans and apply certain techniques to accomplish those goals. While many are in paid careers, there are also some people who do it on a volunteer basis.

2. Veterinary Acupuncturists

Acupuncture, while a growing form of medical treatment in the West, is still pretty specialized. Acupuncture for animals? Well, itís an even smaller niche.

Just as in humans, veterinary acupuncturists insert small needles into pressure points of an animalís body. They may also use mild electrical currents that run through small electrodes to stimulate the muscles and nerves. The most prominent acupuncture certification is offered by The International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS).


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3. Herpetologists

Are you interested in zoology, but want to find a specialty? If amphibians and reptiles are your thing, consider a career as a herpetologist. This highly specialized career even has its own subset of paths to take. You could stay in school and take part in academia, or you can take part in field research, or join a museum staff. Herpetologists usually start with an undergraduate degree in biology or zoology.

4. Ichthyologist

Want to have a career that no one will be able to spell or pronounce, but is easy to explain? An ichthyologist studies fish, so itís obviously a very broad field. Some specialties include conservation, research, behavioral observations, and do work at aquariums, marine parks, or universities. This is a speciality of Zoology that requires related studies at a college level.

5. Farrier

Do you love horses and want to care for those hooves that so often carry such heavy loads? Thereís a career for that. A farrier cares for horse hooves by trimming and balancing them, while placing shoes when needed. The skills of a farrier have been described as a combination of a blacksmith and a veterinarian. Thatís because they make and adjust metal shoes with a working knowledge of the horse’s physiology.

There are three major groups for farrier certification †in the United States: the American Farriers Association (AFA), the Guild of Professional Farriers (GPF), and the Brotherhood of Working Farriers (BWFA).


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