5 Surprisingly Healthy Foods


Kale. Chia seeds. Acai berry. Quinoa. It can often seems like the newest superfoods are plucked from relative obscurity, ready to take the plates of health-conscious eaters by storm. But there are plenty of foods out there, foods we probably have in our cupboards or crispers right now, that are very healthy — they just don’t have all that exotic allure or clever marketing.Read on to check out some common foods you might not realize are actually healthy.

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1. Russet Potatoes.

You won’t find any fat or cholesterol in these potatoes, but you will find more potassium than a banana, plenty of fiber, protein, Vitamin C and iron. As you’re probably guessing, it’s best to keep the skin on, and skip frying or loading them up with fattening toppings.

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2. Cheese.

Everything in moderation, including delicious, delicious cheese. A good source of protein and calcium,goat cheese, feta, ricotta, and feta are especially good options. But even cheddar has some great health benefits to it, including zinc, riboflavin, and Vitamins A and B12. But what really makes cheese a healthy option is how sating it is — just a small serving will really fill you up.

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3. Popcorn.

Who knew that popcorn was actually a whole grain, and actually contains more fiber and antioxidants than many fruits and vegetables? Skip the butter and salt, and instead reach for herbs and spices. A little nutritional yeast or parmesan cheese can also add a nice depth of flavor without all those extra calories.

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4. Avocado.

Sure, avocado contains more fat and calories than many fruits and vegetables, but don’t let that scare you: the fats in avocado are the kinds you want to eat. As for calories? Well, it’s not like they’re a double bacon cheeseburger: one half of a medium avocado is about 125 calories. What’s more, avocados are contain more protein than most other fruits and vegetables, and they contain more potassium than a banana.

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5. Iceberg Lettuce.

Rodney Dangerfield and iceberg lettuce have one thing in common: they both get no respect. Sure, it’s not the most nutrient-packed vegetable you can eat, but it does have plenty to offer. Iceberg lettuce is a good source of Vitamins A and C, fiber, calcium, iron and calcium. Iceberg lettuce also wins points for its water content and its low calorie content.

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I would have liked to see the writer point out that while popcorn is good for you, most corn is now GMO, so if you want to avoid GMOs, you should probably avoid popcorn. Also, I've seen microwaved popcorn on several "foods to avoid" lists. Anne Underwood in Prevention magazine writes: "Chemicals, including perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), in the lining of the bag, are part of a class of compounds that may be linked to infertility in humans, according to a recent study from UCLA. In animal testing, the chemicals cause liver, testicular, and pancreatic cancer. Studies show that microwaving causes the chemicals to vaporize--and migrate into your popcorn."

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